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appointed Bishop of Nardo, 30 November, 1908, elementary schools with 122 teachers and an at-

proclaimed 29 April, 1909, to succeed Bishop tendance of 5126; 2 industrial schools with an

Giuseppe Ricciardi, b. 10 June, 1839, d. 18 June, attendance of 150. Missionary work is carried on

1908. On 7 December, 1916, Bishop Giannattasio through the East Teimessee missions and the

refused promotion to the Archdiocese of Otranto. Society for the Propagation of the Faith. The

The Catholic population of the diocese is 80,373. charitable institutions include: homes for the aged

There are 16 parishes, 77 churches or chaiiels, 133 poor under the Little Sisters, and for incurables

secular and 8 regular clergy, 53 seminarians, 10 under the Franciscan Sisters; 2 asylums; 2 hospi-

Brothers, and 24 Sisters. Our Lady of the As- tals; 1 House of the Good Shepherd and a free

sumption is the patron of the cathedral chapter. medical clinic. The Eucharistic League is estftb-

Nami and Teml, V sited Dioceses of (Narnien- jwhed wnong the clerar and the Holy Name Soci-

SIS et Interamensis: cf. C. E., X~704k), in the ^^^^ Kni^te of Cohii£Bu8. Ancient Order of Hiber-

province of Perugia, 6entral Italy. The present ad- ?**°^ ^^ ,S^\. ^®° ® and Young Ladies Insti-

biinistrator is RtTllev. Cesare fioccoleri, b. 1875 in *"*?L^^,^^K5^I^ ?S°?« *>.® ^^^^V' ^Pu^J^^'l

RapoUo, elected at the Consistory of 13 June, 1921, C?"^».J** '^}^^ ^^J?, ^Cohimbian, is published at

consecrated at Rapollo 29 June, enthroned at Temi Nashville and the "Catholic Journal of New South

11 December, and at Nami 18 December foUowing, ** Memphis.

to succeed Mgr. FranoescoMoretti, promoted to the Natal,DiocE8B of (Natalbnbib; cf. C. E., XVI—

titular see of Laodicea of ^eodonade. Nmu has a ^Ch), in the State of Rio-GranJe do Norte, was

Cathohc population of 32 «)0, 41 jmnshes, 46 secular erected 11 November, 1909, by the dismemberment

and 9 regular clergy, 73 churches and chapels, of the Diocese of Parahvba of which it is suffraaan

Terni has. a population of 34,000, 16 parishes, 26 The boundaries are, on tte North and East the

secular pneste, 39 nuns, 54 churches and chapels. Atlantic Ocean, on tlie South the State of Parahyba

NashYille, Diocese of (Nashvillensis; cf. CB^ ^^ ^^ *^e West and Northwest the State of Cera,

X— 704d), has made great progress since 1910 iirthe covering an ar^ of about 21,936 m. miles. It is gov-

erection of schools, rectories, institutions and ^«1 by Rt. Rev. Antonio Dos Santos Cabral, b. 8

churches. The new Cathedral of the Incarnation Octol^ 1884, studiedat the seminary of Bdbia, or-

at Nashville stands as a monument to the energy darned 1 November, 1906, vicar then iwtor of Pro^

of the present bishop, Rt. Rev. Thomas Sebastian chancellor of the cathedral 4 August, 1912, pnvate

Byrne, DJ). In 1916 a great fire which destroyed J*^»^^^^ ^^ ^^^I\}tl^' ifPR?l2^ ^ 5?^"

the eitem section of the city, wiped out St. Co- ^mber, 1917, proclaimed 10 March 1919^ succ

lumba's parish and the Home for the Aged Poor Mgr. Joachm-Antomo de Almeida^ tajMferred to ^^

under the Little Sisters of the Poor. However, ^^^SS^^.^JSi I* c^ntams a Catholic population

through the untiring work of the bishop, a new o^ 500,000, (80,000 natives) and 28 parishes, church, school and rectory soon replaced the old if»t|j^ Vicariate Apostouc of: (cf. C. E.,

parish buildings, and a fire-oroof buildmg was X—7(f7d) , in South Africa. This vicariate underwent

erected OJinewproperty for theLittle Sisters at ^ complete transformation in the course of 1921, a

a cost of $200,000, of which $50^ was subscribed portion of ite territory being cut off by a decree of 27

through a campajgn conducted entirely by non- J^ly, and erected into the vicariate of MariannhiU

Cathohcs. In 1917 a thoroughly equipped hospital (q ^ )^ ^q^j another portion by a decree of 27 August

^^^y^^S,,^*® erected adjoining and formmg a part ij^ing separated to form the prefecture of Zulu&nd

of St. Thomas' Hospital, which is now considered (q. v.). As a result of this division the total popula-

one of the foremost hospitals of the South. In ^q^ of Natal has been reduced to 1,100,000 and the

1920 St. Mary's Home for Incurables was opened number of Catholics to 12,000 (Europeans 6500,

under the Sisters of St. PVancis, and there have Asiatics 1600, Natives 4000). There are at the pres-

been numerous other additions throughout the ent time 23 parishes and churches and 15 stetions, 36

diocese. /> , . . t^ rr. prieste, 350 nims, 11 teaching Brothers and 3 lay

The opening of the mission field m East Tennes- brothers. The rebgious orders represented at jpresent

see was a most important step in its progress. The are the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Dominicans,

first mission center was established in JohnsQn City Servites, Marist Brothers, Sisters of the Holy Family,

and is now in charge of the Dominican Fathers. It Augustinian Sisters, Sisters of Nazareth, franciscan

provides missionaries for the contiguous counties, Sisters, Dominican Sisters of Newcastle and Domini-

and chapels have been erected in all important can Sisters of Oakford. The institutions include

towns. A second center was opened at Harriman, i convent for men, 16 for women, 1 college for boys

and a third at Cleveland, both in charge of the with 10 teachers and 310 students, 7 for girls with 82

diocesan priests. From these centers priests work teachers and 1900 pupils, 12 elementery schools, with

throughout the mountain districts of Tennessee gg teachers and 2500 pupils, bo3rs and girls, 4 asylums

ministering to the scattered Catholics and meeting and 4 hospitals. Ten of the schools and hospitals

with notable success in the conversion of non- receive government assistence. A needle-work piild.

Catholics. the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and the Ladies ot

During the World War priests and people re- Charity are orsanized among the laity. Ten prieste,

sponded generously and ten of the total number of all of them Obuites of Mary Immaculate, were mobil-

men of this section who gave up their lives were ized during the late war, and five of them received

Catholics. The Catholic population of the diocese different decorations. Rev. Fr. de Louet received the

numbers 23,015, of whom 4500 are Itelians, 150 British War Cross, Fr. Kerautret, the British militery

Ssrrians and the rest American negroes or whites, medal, Fr. Maingot, the MMaUle des Epidhniu^ and

The 1921 statistics show 30 parishes ; 58 churches ; the French croiz de guerrSf Fr. Garrigon the mMoQle

28 missions; 129 stations; 42 secular priests and 16 mUitaire, the French croix de guerre, the Queen's

religious ; 21 teaching Brothers ; 328 Sisters. The Medal, and the British War Cross, Fr. Vialard, the

educational institutions include: 1 college for men French croix de guerre. Two years and a half ago^ at a

with 19 teachers and an attendance of 320 ; 12 high meeting held in Durban en the occasion of Bishop

schools with 52 teachers and an attendance of 481 ; Delalle's jubilee celebration, the idea of the founda-

5 academies for girls with 729 students; 2 training tion of a Catholic newspaper for South Africa waa

schools for nurses with an attendance of 125; 32 expressed by Fr. Sormany, O. M. I., and highly