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(Tables of Abbreviations The following tables and notes are intended to guide readers of The Catholic Encyclopedia in interpreting those abbreviations, signs, or technical phrases wliich, for economy of space, will be most fre- quently used in the work. For more general information see the article .\bbreviatio\s, Ecclesiastical.

■ I. — Genkkal .\hbreviation's. inf below (Lat. I'/i/ra).

a article. It Italian.

jirl an at the year (Lat. ad annum). 1. c, loc. cit at the place quoted (Lat. loco

an., ann the year, the years (Lat. annus, citato).

anni). Lat Latin.

ap in (Lat. ajiud). lat latitude.

art article. lib book (Lat. liber).

Assyr Assyrian. long longitude.

A. S Anglo-Saxon. Mon Lat. Monumenta.

A. V Authorized Version (i.e. tr. of the MS., MSS manuscript, manuscripts.

Bible authorized for use in the n., no number.

Anglican Cliurch— the so-called N. T New Testament.

"KingJames", or "Protestant" Nat National.

Bible. Old Fr., O. Fr. . . .Old French.

1, born. op. cit in the work quoted (Lat. optic

Bk Book. citato).

Bl Bles,sed. Ord Order.

C, c about (Lat. circa); canon; chap- O. T Old Testament.

ter: com iMipii,-. P-. PP page. pages, or (in Latin ref-

,.jj„ canon. erences^ pars (part),

cap chapter (Lat. caput — used only par paragraph.

in Latin context). paxxim in various places.

of compare (Lat. confer). pt part.

,,(,(1 codex. Q Quarterly (a periodical), e.g.

col ... column. "Church Quarterly".

concl conclusion. Q-. QQ- qu^st. ., .question, que,stions (Lat. quwstio).

const., constit. . . . Lat. con.stitulio. q- v which [title] see (Lat. quod ride).

cura by the indu.stry of. Rev Review (a periodical).

J (lied. R- S Rolls Series.

diet dictionarj- (Fr. dictionnaire). R. V Revised Version.

disp Lat. disputatio. S., SS Lat. Sanctu.'i, Saticti, "Saint",

diss Lat. dissertalio. "Saints"— used in this Ency-

dist Lat. dittinctio. clopedia only in Latin context.

I). V Douay Version. Sept Septuagint.

ed., edit etlited, edition, editor. Sess Session.

Ep., Epp letter, letters (Lat. epistola). Skt Sanskrit.

Fr French. !^P Spanish.

gen genus. sq., sqq following page, or pages (Lat.

Gr Greek. sequens).

H. E., Hist. Ecd. .Ecclesiastical Histoo'- St., Sts Saint, Saints.

Heb. , Hebr Hebrew. sup Above (Lat. supra).

ib., ibid in the same place (Lat. ibidem). s. v Under the corresponding title

Id the same person, or author (Lat. (Lat. sub voce).

idem). torn volume (Lat. tomus).