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righteous and unrighteous, the Spirit-Wrestlers do not enter into discussion, leaving this in the care of God.

16. For a man to save his soul, they do not think it necessary for him to belong to their Society. They say that conduct brings a man salvation, and that for this it is only necessary to understand the way of God, and to follow it.

17. The Spirit-Wrestlers are careful as to the neatness of their houses, and say that for a Christian it is proper to live cleanly and tidily (in this they have always been distinguished from the other peasants in the same village), and that it is only necessary to take care that the spirit be not set upon these things.

They think in the same way about pictures in their rooms, portraits of remarkable men, and even of saints. They say that such pictures serve to ornament the house, and are pleasant for the eye; but they should in no case be worshipped, for that is a deadly sin.

18. The Spirit-Wrestlers like to express their religious thoughts and feelings in the form of allegories. Thus, for example, they speak of seven heavens, the first being humility; the second, understanding; the third, abstinence; the fourth, brotherly love; the fifth, compassion; the sixth, good counsel; the seventh, love, where God lives.