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In a similar way they denote twelve Christian virtues, under the guise of twelve friends, thus—

1. Truth: which delivers man from death.

2. Purity: which brings man to God.

3. Love: where love is, there God is also.

4. Labour: honourable for the body and helpful for the soul.

5. Obedience: a quick way to salvation.

6. Not judginig: salvation without labour.

7. Reasondbleness: the highest of virtues.

8. Mercy: of which Satan himself is afraid.

9. Self-Control: the work of Christ our God Himself. 10. Prayer and fasting: unite man with God. 11. Repentance: there is no higher law or commandment. 12. Thanksgiving: gladsome to God and His higher angels.

We will give, as examples, two of the prayers which are recited at the Spirit - Wrestlers' meetings—


To whom shall I go from Thee, my God; from Thy face to whom shall I run? If I were to ascend to heaven, Thou art there; if I descend into