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'I want a little wood to make my puppet; will you give me some?'

Master Antonio was delighted, and he immediately went to the bench and fetched the piece of wood that had caused him so much fear. But just as he was going to give it to his friend the piece of wood gave a shake, and wriggling violently out of his hands struck with all its force against the dried-up shins of poor Geppetto.

'Ah! is that the courteous way in which you make your presents, Master Antonio? You have almost lamed me! . . .'

'I swear to you that it was not I! . . .'

'Then you would have it that it was I? . . .'

'The wood is entirely to blame! . . .'

'I know that it was the wood; but it was you that hit my legs with it! . . .'

'I did not hit you with it! . . .'


'Geppetto, don't insult me or I will call you Polendina! . . .'







On hearing himself called Polendina for the third time Geppetto, blind with rage, fell upon the carpenter and they fought desperately.