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'Ah! now you call me "Your dear little Cricket." But do you remember the time when you threw the handle of a hammer at me, to drive me from your house? . . .'

'You are right, Cricket! Drive me away also . . . throw the handle of a hammer at me; but have pity on my poor papa. . . .'

'I will have pity on both father and son, but I wished to remind you of the ill treatment I received from you, to teach you that in this world, when it is possible, we should show courtesy to everybody, if we wish it to be extended to us in our hour of need.'

'You are right, Cricket, you are right, and I will bear in mind the lesson you have given me. But tell me how you managed to buy this beautiful hut.'

'This hut was given to me yesterday by a goat whose wool was of a beautiful blue colour.'

'And where has the goat gone?' asked Pinocchio with lively curiosity.

'I do not know.'

'And when will it come back? . . .

'It will never come back. It went away yesterday in great grief and, bleating, it seemed to say: "Poor Pinocchio . . . I shall never see him more . . . by this time the Dog-fish must have devoured him!. . ."'

'Did it really say that? . . . Then it was she! . . . it was she! . . . it was my