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dear little Fairy . . .' exclaimed Pinocchio, crying and sobbing.

When he had cried for some time he dried his eyes, and prepared a comfortable bed of straw for Geppetto to lie down upon. Then he asked the Cricket:

'Tell me, little Cricket, where can I find a tumbler of milk for my poor papa?'

'Three fields off from here there lives a gardener called Giangio who keeps cows. Go to him and you will get the milk you are in want of.'

Pinocchio ran all the way to Giangio's house; and the gardener asked him:

'How much milk do you want?'

'I want a tumblerful.'

'A tumbler of milk costs a halfpenny. Begin by giving me the halfpenny.'

'I have not even a farthing,' replied Pinocchio, grieved and mortified.

'That is bad, puppet,' answered the gardener. 'If you have not even a farthing, I have not even a drop of milk.'

'I must have patience!' said Pinocchio, and he turned to go.

'Wait a little,' said Giangio. 'We can come to an arrangement together. Will you undertake to turn the pumping machine?'

'What is the pumping machine?'

'It is a wooden pole which serves to draw up the water from the cistern to water the vegetables.'