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No. 48—(400, 412, 819) Assignment as above; casualties, 1 killed, 6 wounded, October 10-21, 1863.

No. 49—(685, 900) Assignment as above to December, 1863.

No. 60—(1145) Commended by Gen. R. E. Lee in general orders, No. 14, February 3, 1864.

No. 67—(1025) In Perrin's brigade, Third corps, army of Northern Virginia, May, 1864.

No. 80—(754) Sergt. John H. Deaton, Company E, captured colors of two Michigan regiments at Petersburg, Va., July 30th. (810) Roll of honor, battles near Petersburg: Sergt. John H. Deaton, Company E.

No. 89—(1190) In Sanders' brigade, Mahone's division, General Lee's army, October 31, 1864, Maj. John P. Emrich in command of regiment. (1239, 1367) Assignment as above to December 31st.

No. 95—(1273) Forney's brigade, Mahone's division, Appomattox campaign.

No. 96—(1174, 1272) Same assignment, Col. J. L. Royston in command of regiment, January 31, 1865. Lieut.-Col. J. P. Emrich commanding regiment, February 28, 1865.


The Ninth Alabama infantry, organized at Richmond in May, 1861, enjoyed the distinction of having a joint resolution of thanks given it by the Confederate Congress in February, 1864. It was engaged in the siege of Yorktown, April 5 and May 2, 1862; at Williamsburg, May 5th, and at Seven Pines, May 31st and June 1st. This regiment won imperishable renown at Gaines' Mill and Frayser's Farm, was under fire at Second Manassas, and assisted at the capture of Harper's Ferry, September 12 to 15, 1862, It was also engaged at Chancellorsville and Salem, May 1-3, 1863, and suffered very heavy loss at Gettysburg. It was in the battle of the Wilderness, May 5-7, 1864, Cold Harbor, June 1st to 12th, and fought in the trenches at Petersburg for nearly 9 months. Among its field officers were Cadmus M. Wilcox, afterward a very distinguished major-general; E. A. O'Neal, afterward brigadier-general, and since that time governor of