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Alabama; Col. Samuel Henry, Col. J. Horace King, Lieut.-Col. Gaines C. Smith, Majs. H. J. Williams and J. M. Crowe. Among the officers killed were Capts. Thomas H. Hobbs and E. Y. Hill, at Gaines' Mill; Captain Gillis, at Williamsburg; W. C. Murphy at Salem; J. W. Wilson and John Y. Rayburn, at Sharpsburg.


Vol. II—(480) Wilcox's brigade, army of the Potomac (Special orders, July 20, 1861).

Vol V—(1029) Same assignment, Potomac district, General Beauregard commanding, January 14, 1862, at this time at Centreville, Va.

Vol. XI, Part 1—(569) Casualties, 10 killed, 45 wounded, near Williamsburg, May 5, 1862. (570, 571) Gen. J. E. B. Stuart reports: "Captain Farley, who was in the entire fight, speaks in the highest terms of the heroic courage and fighting tact of the Ninth Alabama." (577, 578) Mentioned in report of Gen. A. P. Hill: Colonel Williams, with one or two companies of the Ninth Alabama, captured a battery of 8 guns. (590-593) General Wilcox’s report says: "Among those that call for special notice are Capts. Warren Smith, Gillis and King. The companies of the first two were the first to enter the captured battery. Captain Gillis, greatly distinguished for courage, displayed an example of coolness set to his men. He was mortally wounded. Captain Murphy of the Ninth, conspicuous for pertinacity and courage, was painfully wounded in the arm. He remained on the field and commanded his company until shot through the body and borne from the field." (594, 595) Col. Sam. Henry's report: "The charge was made with a zeal and determination that would have done honor to tried veterans—not a man faltering. . . . In conclusion, you will permit me to assure you of the coolness and gallantry of both officers and men during the entire day." The regiment took during the day 70 prisoners. (596, 599, 822) Mentioned in reports of Col. J. J. Woodward, Col. L. Q. C. Lamar, Gen. D. E. Sickles, U. S. A. (986-988) Mentioned in report of General Wilcox, Seven Pines, May 31, 1862.

Vol. XI, Part 2—(486, 503) Wilcox's brigade, Longstreet's division, Magruder's corps. Medical director reports 66 killed, 109 wounded, June 26th to July 1, 1862.