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Vol. IX—(379) General McClellan informs General Burnside, April 16, 1862, that this regiment with others is going to North Carolina.

Vol. XI, Part 1—(589-593) Under Col. J. J. Woodward at Williamsburg, May 5, 1862. Highly commended by General Wilcox in his report. He says: "The Tenth Alabama pressed on vigorously. Its major, W. H. Forney, was stricken down with a painful wound while leading the regiment, displaying both coolness and skill." Colonel Woodward, Major Forney and Lieutenant Shelley specially noticed. (594,595) Highly commended in the report of Col. Sam Henry, Ninth Alabama. (596,597) Colonel Woodward's report of same battle. (986,987) Mentioned in General Wilcox's report of the battle of Seven Pines.

Vol. XI, Part 2—(425) Report of Col. James Kirk (Union) of battle of Frayser's Farm says: "Tenth Alabama was almost totally annihilated." (486) Wilcox's brigade, Longstreet's division, engagements around Richmond. (503) Medical director reports 38 killed, 198 wounded, in the fights before Richmond, June 26th to July 1, 1862. (771-775) General Wilcox's report of Gaines' Mill mentions "Colonel Woodward shot through the head while leading his regiment, closely and heroically confronting the enemy in his stronghold." After the fall of Colonel Woodward, the command devolved upon Maj. J. H. Caldwell; Capt. W. M. Lee mortally wounded. Lieut. J. E. Shelley, adjutant, severely wounded. (777-779) General Wilcox's report of Frayser's Farm says: "Major Caldwell wounded by a piece of shell striking him over the eye." Commends Surgeon Taylor. (985) Lieut. James D. Cunningham killed June 30th.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(114) Near Yorktown, Va., April 20, 1862. (481) In General Wilcox's brigade at Williamsburg, 550 strong. (532) Wilcox's brigade, Smith's division, Johnston's army, near Richmond, May 21st. (649) General Longstreet's division, July 23d.

Vol. XII, Part 2—(547) Assignment as above, August 28th to September 1st.

Vol. XIX, Part 1—(804) Assignment as above, Maryland campaign. (812) Medical director reports 10 killed and 53 wounded, Maryland campaign.

Vol. XXI—(539, 1070) First corps, army of Northern