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Virginia, Colonel Forney in command of regiment, December, 1862.

No. 39—(806) Medical director reports 12 killed and 61 wounded at battle of Chancellorsville, May 1-5, 1863. (854) Another return, 17 killed and 55 wounded. (856-860) Mentioned by General Wilcox in report of Chancellorsville campaign: "Lieut. L. J. T. Harper fell fighting with the heroism of a veteran soldier." Notices particularly Col. Wm. H. Forney.

No. 44—(288) Wilcox's brigade, Third corps, army of Northern Virginia, Gettysburg campaign. Commanders, Colonel Forney and Lieut.-Col. Jas. E. Shelley. (332, 343) Casualties, 13 killed, 91 wounded, at battle of Gettysburg, July 1st, 2d and 3d. (613) Referred to in report of General Anderson (Union). (617-621) General Wilcox's report, action July 2d: "In this affair, so creditable to the Tenth Alabama and its gallant colonel (Forney), this regiment lost 10 killed and 28 wounded." Among those acting with great gallantry, Lieutenant-Colonel Shelley is mentioned.

No. 48—(400, 412, 819) Assignment as above. Casualties, 2 wounded, October 10 to 21, 1863.

No. 49—(685, 900) Assignment as above, to December 31, 1863.

No. 60— (1152) Mentioned by General Lee as having re-enlisted, February 10, 1864.

No. 67—(1025) Perrin's brigade, Third corps, Lee's army of Northern Virginia, May, 1864.

No. 88—(1217) Sanders' brigade, Lee’s army, August 31, 1864.

No. 89—(1190) Sanders' brigade, Mahone's division, Capt. Wilson L. Brewster in command of regiment, October 31, 1864. (1239) General Forney commanding brigade, Capt. Caleb W. Brewton in command of regiment, November 30. (1367) Capt. John F. Smith in command of regiment, December 31st.

No. 95—(1273) Assignment as above, Maj. Lewis W. Johnson in command of regiment about April, 1865.

No. 96—(1174) Colonel Forney in command of regiment, January 31, 1865. (1272) Forney's brigade, Lee's army, Lieut.-Col. Wm. F. Smith in command of regiment.


The Eleventh Alabama infantry was organized at