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the Eleventh Alabama, was much distinguished for his zeal and courage. . . . Lieut.-Col. S. F. Hale of the Eleventh Alabama, though commanding the Ninth Alabama, was conspicuous for the skill with which he managed his regiment. Captains Tayloe and Holcombe were wounded in the first day’s fight, the former seriously."

Vol. XI, Part 2—(486, 503) In Wilcox's brigade, Longstreet's division, Seven Days' battles. Casualties, 76 killed and 240 wounded. (773-779) General Wilcox, in his report of Gaines' Mill and Frayser's Farm, mentions Lieut.-Col. S. F. Hale as seriously, perhaps mortally, wounded; Lieut. W. C. Faith, killed; speaks most highly of Assistant-Surgeon Saunders and Lieut. Walter E. Winn, and gives a most graphic account of the glorious part taken by the regiment on June 30th, referring to Capts. J. H. McMath, S. E. Bell, T. H. Holcombe, W. M. Bratton and Lieut. A. B. Cohen, commanding companies; Lieuts. A. N. Steele and Michie mortally wounded; Capts. J. C. C. Sanders and W. C. Y. Parker severely wounded, also Lieuts. J. H. Prince and R. H. Gordon. (980) Casualties, 27 killed, 130 wounded, battle of Gaines' Mill; 49 killed, 121 wounded, at Glendale. (985) Lieutenant Faith killed June 27th; Capts. Stephen A. Bell, Thomas H. Holcombe and James McMath, Lieuts. W. M. Bratton and A. B. Cohen killed June 30th.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(481, 532, 649) In Wilcox's brigade at Williamsburg, 656 strong. Same assignment to July 23, 1863.

Vol. XII, Part 2—(547) Same assignment, August 28 to September 1, 1862.

Vol. XIX, Part 1—(804, 812) Assignment as above, Maryland campaign. Casualties, 3 killed and 26 wounded.

Vol. XXI—(539, 559, 610) Assignment as above, battle of Fredericksburg. Casualties, 3 killed and 5 wounded. (612) Referred to in General Wilcox's report of the battle of Fredericksburg. (1070) Col. J. C. C. Sanders in command of regiment.

No. 39—(790) Wilcox's brigade, Anderson's division, First corps, army of Northern Virginia, Chancellorsville campaign. (806) Casualties, 15 killed and 76 wounded at Chancellorsville; Lieut. O. L. Strudwick killed. (838-861) General Wilcox's report of battle speaks highly of Colonel Sanders and favorably commends Private J. C. J. Ridgeway. Reports Federal flag taken by regiment.