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No. 44—(288) At the battle of Gettysburg, regiment in Wilcox's brigade, Anderson’s division, Third corps. Colonel Sanders and Lieut.-Col. Geo. E. Tayloe in command. (332, 343) Casualties, 6 killed and 69 wounded, Gettysburg. (617-621) General Wilcox’s report of Gettysburg says Colonel Sanders and Major Fletcher were severely wounded, and 17 men. Private Ridgeway (one of his couriers) was killed. Commends Lieutenant-Colonel Tayloe.

No. 45—(1061) No. 48—(400) No. 49—(685, 900) Assignment as above to December, 1863.

No. 60—(1145) Noble example of re-enlistment for the war mentioned by General Lee, in general orders, No. 14, February 3, 1864.

No. 80—(754) James N. Keeton, Company G, captor of Federal flag, July 30, 1864, at Petersburg. (810) Roll of honor, general orders, No. 87, December 10th: Private James N. Keeton, Company G.

No. 88—(1217) Sanders' brigade, Mahone's division, Third corps, Lee’s army, August 31, 1864. Lieut.-Col. Geo. E. Tayloe commanding regiment.

No. 89—(1190, 1239, 1367) Assignment as above to December 31, 1864.

No. 95—(1273) Forney's brigade, Mahone's division, Appomattox campaign. Capt. Martin L. Stewart commanding regiment.

No. 96—(1174, 1272) Same assignment to February 28, 1865.


The Twelfth Alabama infantry was organized at Richmond, July, 1861, formed a part of General Ewell's brigade, and was afterward under General Rodes. It fought at Yorktown, April 5 to May 3, 1862; Williamsburg, May 5th; Seven Pines, May 31st to June 1st, where it made a gallant assault upon the strong position held by Casey's division; was engaged in the fights before Richmond, June 26th to July 1st; was distinguished at Boonsboro, September 15th, and Sharpsburg, September 17th; fought gallantly at Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862; Chancellorsville, May 1st to 4th; Brandy Station, June 9th; and Gettysburg, July 1st to 3d, and formed