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No. 49—(685, 901) Assignment as above to December 31, 1863.

No.67—(1025) Assignment as above, May, 1864, Rapidan to the James.

No. 88—(1218) Assignment as above. Lieut.-Col. James Aiken commanding regiment. (1273,1274) Inspection report gives regiment in Fry's brigade, September 23, 1864. (1309) Archer's and Walker's brigades, commanded by General Archer, Heth's division, September 30th.

No. 89—(1189, 1240) Archer's brigade (consolidated under command of Col. R. M. Mayo), Lee’s army, October and November, 1864.

No. 95—(1273) Forney's brigade, Mahone's division, Third army corps, Appomattox campaign, April, 1865, Capt. Samuel Sellers in command of regiment.

No. 96—(1025) Regiment transferred from Archer's brigade, Heth's division, Third corps, to Sanders' brigade, Mahone's division, same corps. Special order No. 8, January 9, 1865. (1174) Col. James Aiken in command of regiment. (1272) Forney's brigade, February 28th.

No. 97—(1279) Forney's brigade at Hancock's, April 2, 1865.


The Fourteenth Alabama infantry was organized at Auburn, 1861; remained in camp at Huntsville till October, when it was ordered to Virginia. It fought with distinction at Williamsburg, May 5, 1862; Seven Pines, May 31st to June 1st, and Mechanicsville, June 26th; made desperate charges at Frayser's Farm, June 30th,and Malvern Hill, July 1st, its losses of killed and wounded being very heavy. It served with distinction at Sharpsburg, September 17th; Salem, May 3, 1863, and Gettysburg, July 1st to 3d; the Wilderness May 5 to 7, 1864; Spottsylvania, May 8th to 18th, and in the many fights around Petersburg from June, 1864, to Appomattox, in April, 1865.

Among its distinguished killed in battle were: Capt. John Bell, killed at Mechanicsville; Lieut.-Col. David W. Baine, Capt. James S. Williamson, Lieuts. James E. Mayes, Nat M. Smith and C. H. Snead, at Frayser's Farm;