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division, Stonewall Jackson's corps, during engagements around Richmond, June 26 to July 1, 1862. (505) Medical director reports 14 killed and 70 wounded in Seven Days' battles. His report gives assignment to Semmes' brigade, McLaws' division. (625) Referred to as in Colquitt's brigade in report of Gen. D. H. Hill. (976) Return of casualties, 4 killed and 40 wounded at Gaines' Mill; 10 killed and 47 wounded at Malvern Hill.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(482) 474 strong "within the post at Yorktown." (533) Rains' brigade, Fourth division, May 21, 1862. (650) Colquitt's brigade, Stonewall Jackson's army, July 23, 1862. Col. B. D. Fry in command of regiment.

Vol. XIX, Part 1—(809) Assignment as above during Maryland campaign. (1020, 1027) Report of D. H. Hill, Maryland campaign: "Colonel Fry, who had been wounded at Seven Pines, was once more wounded severely at Sharpsburg, while nobly doing his duty." Also mentions W. D. Tingle. (1054) Colonel Fry mentioned in Col. Colquitt's report.

Vol. XXI—(541, 1073) Colquitt's brigade, Second corps, at battle of Fredericksburg. (1099) Transferred from Colquitt's brigade to Archer's brigade, January 19, 1863.

No. 39—(791) Archer's brigade, McLaws' division, Second corps, army of Northern Virginia, Chancellorsville campaign. (807) Medical director reports 13 killed, 127 wounded at Chancellorsville. (926) Return of casualties at 15 killed, 107 wounded. Among the killed were Maj. John T. Smith and Lieut. John J. Pendergrass. (927) Colonel Fry says: "I am gratified to be able to report that my commissioned officers, without exception, displayed zeal and courage; none more than the gallant Maj. John T. Smith, whose death is deeply lamented by the regiment.”’

No. 44—(289) Archer's brigade, Heth's division, Third corps, at the battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. (333, 337, 344) Medical director's report gives 6 killed and 36 wounded; 3 wounded enroute from Pennsylvania. (647, 648) Referred to in report of Colonel Shepard, Gettysburg campaign.

No. 48—(400) Assignment as above, September 30, 1863. (413) Medical director reports 2 killed and 4 wounded, October 10th to 21st. (434) Lieut. David R. Staggers killed near Bristoe Station, October 14th. (819) Assignment as above, October 31st.