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John A. Dixon: consolidated regiment commanded by Capt. W. B. Beeson, Johnston's army, near Smithfield, N. C., March 31, 1865.


The Twenty-eighth Alabama was organized at Shelby Springs in March, 1862, to serve for three years. It was assigned to the army of Mississippi, brigaded under General Trapier, shortly afterward receiving Colonel Manigault for its brigade commander.

At Corinth, prostrated by the usual camp diseases, its ranks were perceptibly thinned by sickness and death. The regiment went into Kentucky with General Bragg, and at Munfordville, September 16, 1862, was greatly praised for the alacrity of its obedience and the calm, cool, heroic courage of its officers and men. At Murfreesboro, December 31st to January 2d, it led, with the Twenty-fourth and Thirty-fourth, three separate charges of the brigade, losing heavily. At Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863, its conduct was superb, as described in the official reports.

At the battle of Lookout Mountain, November 24th, the regiment found itself in a tight place, nearly surrounded by the enemy, but it succeeded by desperate fighting in extricating itself with a loss of 172 killed, wounded and captured. At Missionary Ridge, November 25th, it was again engaged. During the winter of 1863-64, while wintering at Dalton, the regiment re-enlisted and afterward took part in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, and the Tennessee campaign. At Ezra Chapel, July 28, 1864, the second sortie from Atlanta, the regiment fought with its usual valor. At Franklin, November 30th, it was again engaged, and at Nashville, losing heavily. The remnant of the regiment, with those left of the Twenty-fourth and Thirty-fourth, after having fought together throughout their service, were consolidated under Col. J. C. Carter, Lieut.-Col. Starke