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J. J. Keith and Hiram Slay killed; 2 killed January 2d. (793, 794) Mentioned in report of same battle by General Adams: "Lieut.-Col. H. Maury was wounded in the side with a minie-ball while leading his men, with his colors in his hand, and deserves praise for his gallant conduct. Lieut. J. L. Chandler deserves great praise for his courage and coolness under the trying circumstances in which he was placed." (795-799) Reports of Col. Randall L. Gibson. Regiment held in reserve January 2d. Several times mentioned. Aggregate present, January 8th, 261. (800) Report of Lieut.-Col. Henry Maury: "Adjt. John L. Chandler acted with conspicuous gallantry. Officers and men all did their duty." (802) Mentioned in Maj. J. E. Austin's report. (973) Roll of honor, battle of Murfreesboro: Private James Clemens,[1] Company A; Corp. Vincent H. Joiner, B; Private Edmund Davis, C; Corp. John C. Oliver,[1] D; Private Reuben Dumas, E; Private Nathaniel F. Wheeler,[1] F; Corp. James H. Dove, G; Private Alfred C. Hulls, H; Sergt. Geo. W. Vansandt, I; Corp. Elijah P. Gabel,[1] K.

Vol. XX, Part 2—(419, 431) Second brigade, Col. J. B. Palmer, Breckinridge's division, Polk's corps, army of Tennessee, General Bragg, November, 1862. (456) Adams' brigade, Hardee's corps, near Eagleville, Tenn., December, 1862. (459) December 21st, assigned to duty with Preston's brigade until Adams' brigade joins division.

No. 37—(654) Casualties before Jackson, Miss, 1 wounded. (655, 656) Report of General Adams, engagement of July 12, 1863, gives great praise to regiment. Lieutenant-Colonel Maury was wounded. Capt. John C. Kimbell's report.

No. 51—(13) Adams' brigade, Breckinridge's division, Hill's corps, army of Tennessee, General Bragg, Chickamauga campaign. (197) Mentioned in report of General Breckinridge. (216-219) Mentioned in report of General Gibson of battle of Chickamauga; strength, 145. (219, 220) Maj. John C. Kimbell's report of September 20th, 2 wounded. (227) Mentioned in report of J. E. Austin.

No. 53—(661, 745) Clayton's brigade, army of Tennessee. Casualties, battle of Missionary Ridge, November 23 to 25, 1863, 8 killed and 34 wounded.

No. 56—(618, 686) October 31, 1863, regiment com-

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