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manded by Capt. John W. Bell. Transferred to Clayton's brigade, Stewart's division, November 12th. (805, 824) Thirty-second and Fifty-eighth commanded by Col. Bush. Jones, December 10th. Total present (consolidated), 325.

No. 57—(479) Casualties at Rocky Face mountain, February 24 and 25, 1864, 3 killed, 31 wounded.

No. 74—(641, 649) Assignment as above. (657, 664, 672) Holtzclaw's brigade, Clayton's division, July to August, 1864. (832-834) Report of Gen. H. D. Clayton of engagements from May 7 to May 27, 1864 (Atlanta campaign), speaks of "their unexceptional conduct" at Resaca, "The Thirty-second and Fifty-eighth pushed up to within a few paces of the enemy’s works without hesitation, though they knew what was before then, and the fate they would certainly encounter." List of casualties for the consolidated regiments gives 3 killed and 36 wounded. (841, 844) Report of Col. Bushrod Jones of operations May 7th to 28th: "Lieut. John H. Jones was unhurt in the fight, but was captured while endeavoring to have our wounded brought off the field. . . . Lieut. J. G. Goldthwait was wounded in wrist and Capt. G. W. Cox had his left thigh broken. My command behaved with rare and exemplary gallantry." May 15th, strength 345; killed 15, wounded 54; May 25th, strength, 225; killed 3, wounded 36; total, 18 killed, 90 wounded.

No. 78—(854) Assignment as above, Hood's army, September 20, 1864. Maj. Harry I. Thornton, of Fifty-eighth Alabama, in command of consolidated regiment.

No. 79—(879) Total present, 240, November 7, 1864.

No. 93—(665) Assignment as above, December 10, 1864.

No. 103—(1046) Holtzclaw's brigade, district of the Gulf, General Maury, March 10, 1865.

No. 104—(1131) Consolidated regiment, under Major Kimbell, directed to hold command in readiness to skirmish with enemy and, if hard pressed, to fall back in Spanish Fort, March 20, 1865. (1132) Near Hollywood, March 20, 1865.


The Thirty-third, organized at Pensacola, in April, 1862, was sent to Corinth soon after the battle of Shiloh.