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brigade. Says Col. James F. Dowdell and Lieut.-Col. A. A. Greene were wounded, the latter severely. (132-133) General Martin's report of same engagement speaks in high commendation of the cool gallantry and daring of Col. James F. Dowdell; also of Lieutenant-Colonel Greene, who was severely wounded, and Major Slaton, who acted bravely and nobly. He gives casualties, 12 killed, 43 wounded. Acting Asst. Adjt.-Gen. J. W. McDonald gives the strength of regiment going into this battle as 304. (382) Five killed, 35 wounded, at the battle of Corinth, October 3-5, 1862. (386) Hébert's division, October 20, 1862. (688) Mentioned in Colonel Withers' report of operations, January 2, 1863.

No. 37—(327) In Moore's brigade, Forney's division, July 4, 1863, army of Vicksburg. (369) Casualties, 16 killed, 38 wounded, during the siege of Vicksburg, May 7th to July 4th. (381-382) Mentioned in Gen. John C. Moore's report.

No. 55—(658, 691, 704) In Moore's brigade, Cheatham's division, Hardee's corps, army of Tennessee. Casualties at Lookout Mountain, November 24th, and Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863, 4 killed, 12 wounded. Mentioned in General Moore's report.

No. 56—(803, 822) Assignment as above, December, 1863. Lieut.-Col. Alex. A. Greene in command of regiment. Total present, 407.

No. 57—(481) Mentioned by Col. John H. Higley, February 25, 1864, in report of demonstration on Dalton.

No. 74—(649, et seq.) In Baker's brigade, Stewart's (later Clayton's) division, Hood's corps, army of Tennessee, General Johnston, Atlanta campaign. (818) Mentioned in Gen. Alex. P. Stewart's report of operations, May 7 to 27, 1864. "During the 27th the Thirty-seventh Alabama, Lieutenant-Colonel Greene, suffered severely from the fire of a battery, and, with the Fifty-fourth Alabama, who reinforced it, is especially entitled to mention for the fortitude with which they endured the ordeal. (819) Report of Gen. Henry D. Clayton of battle of Atlanta, July 22, 1864, deplores the loss of Lieutenant-Colonel Greene. (845-847) Gen. Alpheus Baker's report of Rocky Face, Resaca and New Hope church, speaks in the highest terms of the heroic fortitude of the Thirty-seventh. On the 27th the regiment lost 50 men killed and wounded, one of the latter being their brave and