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skillful commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Greene. (847-849) Report of Lieutenant-Colonel Greene gives a graphic description of the action of the regiment. He gives losses: Resaca, 4 killed, 3 wounded; New Hope church, 9 killed, 53 wounded. Total loss, 15 killed, 86 wounded, 8 missing. "The conduct of all my officers and almost all my men has been admirable in battle, and on the weary march, since the 7th of May."

No. 78—(803, 854) Transferred to Mobile with Baker's brigade, in August, 1864. Brigade consisted of Thirty-seventh, Fortieth, Forty-second and Fifty-fourth Alabama. (862) General Hood, September 22, 1864, asks that Baker's brigade be returned to him.

No. 93—(1232) Baker's brigade, Liddell's division, district of the Gulf, General Maury; department of Mississippi, Alabama and East Louisiana, Gen. Richard Taylor; November, 1864, with the Fortieth and Forty-second, under Col. John H. Higley.

No. 98—(1064) Brantly's brigade, Lee's corps, Johnston's army, consolidated with Forty-second and Fifty-fourth, under Col. John A. Minter, after April 9, 1865.

No. 100—(637) Two hundred and four prisoners taken by brigade, March 19, 1865. (698, 734) Baker's brigade, Clayton's division, Lee's corps, army of Tennessee, March, 1865; Capt. T. B. Richards.

No. 103—(940) Special order, No. 28, General Maury, Mobile, January 28, 1865: "Brig.-Gen. A. Baker will proceed with his brigade to Augusta, Ga., via Montgomery, Ala."


The Thirty-eighth regiment was organized at Mobile in May, 1862, and remained there until February, 1863. Its first brigade commander was General Slaughter; then General Cumming. Transferred to Bragg's army, it was under General Clayton until his promotion; then under General Holtzclaw from July, 1864, until its surrender at Meridian. At Hoover's Gap, June 24, 1863, it went into its first real battle, coming out almost unscathed; but at Chickamauga, September 19th and 20th, its loss was very great. At Missionary Ridge, November 25th, a large number, after fierce fighting, were captured.