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The winter of 1863-64 was passed at Dalton, and with the spring of 1864 came the regiment’s hardest work, in the Atlanta campaign. At Rocky Face mountain, May 7th to 10th; at Resaca, May 14th and 15th; New Hope church, May 25th, and at Atlanta, July 20th to 28th, its losses were severe, both in killed and wounded, and by capture. In Holtzclaw's brigade, it went with Hood into Tennessee and protected the rear of the army in the retreat. Transferred with the brigade to Mobile, it was in the defense of Spanish Fort, where it suffered its greatest privations. It held its original organization until the end, and surrendered its remnant of 80 men at Meridian. Adjt. Alfred R. Murray was wounded; Capts. W. R. Welsh, John B. Perkins and Charles E. Bussey were killed at Chickamauga; Capts. W. H. Wright, wounded and captured; John A. Jackson, captured at Missionary Ridge. Captain Jackson died in prison. Capt. Beu Lane Posey was captured at Chickamauga, and wounded at Kenesaw.

The field officers were Cols. Charles T. Ketchum, and A. R. Lankford, captured at Resaca; and Majs. O. S. Jewett, killed at Chickamauga, and W. J. Hearin, captured at Missionary Ridge.


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