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all at Bentonville, March 18th, the regiment, consolidated with the Nineteenth and Forty-sixth, was surrendered at Yadkin river bridge.

Adjt. C. H. Ellerbee and Capt. James A. Latham were killed at Bentonville, Capt. Ed. Marsh at Dalton, Sergt. Preston S. Gilder, standard-bearer, at Resaca.

The field officers were Cols. A. A. Coleman and John H. Higley, Lieut.-Cols. Thomas Stone (who died in the service) and Ezekiel Gully, and Maj. E. D. Willett.


Vol. XV.—(850) Army of Mobile, General Slaughter, district of the Gulf, General Forney, October 31, 1862.

Vol. XVII, Part 1—(666) General Pemberton in his report of operations, December 21, 1862, to January 2, 1863, says: "On 25th, the Fortieth Alabama regiment, Col. A. A. Coleman, was ordered from Columbus to Vicksburg."

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(797, 799) Colonel Coleman's regiment ordered to Columbus. (819) Captain Marsh's company, E, at Jackson, serving as provost guard. (825) In Vicksburg, 332 effectives, in Major-General Smith's command, January 3, 1863.

No. 36—(458-461) General Featherstone's report of engagements on Rolling Fork and Deer creek, March 19th to 29th, in which regiment is mentioned several times. (467, 510) Mentioned in Col, S. W. Ferguson's report of engagement of March 22d, the Steele's bayou expedition.

No. 37—(327, 369) In Moore's brigade, Forney's division, army of Vicksburg. Casualties in siege, 18 killed, 39 wounded. (381) Mentioned in J. C. Moore's report of siege, May 17 to July 4, 1863.

No. 38—(612, 705) Assignments. (762) Col. S. W. Ferguson, Rolling Fork, April 18, 1863, says: "I arrived here last night with the Fortieth Alabama." (957) Called "Alabama battalion sharpshooters," in Walker's division at and near Yazoo City, June 7th. (1041) Eastern Louisiana, Ector's brigade, Walker's division, July 30th; "Alabama battalion" under Maj. T. O. Stone.

No. 51—(14) "Stone's Alabama battalion sharpshooters," in Ector's brigade, September 19 and 20, 1863, army of Tennessee, General Bragg.