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Vol. XX, Part 1—(659, 679) In Hanson's brigade, Hardee's corps, army of Tennessee, Stone's river campaign. Casualties at battle of Murfreesboro, 16 killed, 94 wounded. Lieutenants Hardaway and N. B. Lenderman killed. (782-788) Mentioned in report of General Breckinridge. (825-829) Mentioned in report of Colonel Trabue. "Lieutenant-Colonel Stansel commanded; regiment lost two of its best officers. Casualties, 18 killed, 89 wounded. Aggregate present, 521, January 8, 1863; aggregate present and absent, 938; aggregate last return, 1,055." (829, 830) Lieutenant-Colonel Stansel's report says: "During this time two of our best lieutenants, James T. Hardaway and N. B. Lenderman, were killed, and a number of men wounded: still, however, we held our position against the most terrific assaults the enemy could bring to bear against it—a point called by General Bragg, himself, the key of the battlefield. On Friday evening, January 2d, this regiment, together with the Second, Fourth and Sixth Kentucky regiments, was ordered to the right of our position, and proceeded down Stone's river to a point about one mile north of Wayne's hill, to make an attack upon a large body of the enemy enforced there. In this attack, from which ensued a most terrific battle, my officers and men demeaned themselves most gallantly, driving the enemy before them, across the river, entirely from the position they held, pushing forward until they came within the raking fire of the powerful batteries of the enemy, planted on the opposite bank of the river, and supported by almost their entire army. . . . So gallant was the conduct of my officers and men in this, the hardest struggle of the battle, that it would seem invidious to discriminate between them. Casualties, 18 killed, 90 wounded.” (832, 835, 836, 837) Mentioned in reports.

Vol. XX, Part 2—In Hanson's brigade, Breckinridge's division, November and December, 1863.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(620) Gen. Marcus Wright commanding brigade, Breckinridge's division, January 29, 1863. (625) February 3, 1863, brigade ordered to report to Colonel Hunt at Manchester. (703) Colonel Hunt, Manchester, April 22d, assumes command of brigade. (847) In Helm's brigade, Breckinridge's division, May 21st. (849) Moved to Tullahoma by command of General Hardee.

No. 37—(654) Before Jackson, Miss., July, 1863, 1 killed.