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Hilliard's legion (afterward known as the Fifty-ninth and Sixtieth Alabama), and Stallworth's sharpshooters, under the command of General Gracie, which organization remained identical until the surrender; took part, with considerable loss, in the campaign of East Tennessee. In April, 1864, the brigade was sent to Virginia; was at Drewry's Bluff, May 12th to 16th, and at Dutch Gap. Took part in the siege of Petersburg, March 25th to April 2d, where Maj. L. D. Hudgins was killed, and the loss was very severe; suffered greatly at Hatcher's Run; at White Oak road it lost its brave and gallant Lieutenant-Colonel Trimmier. The regiment was bravely fighting at Appomattox, and had repulsed the enemy, when the flag of truce ended the fight, and, at the same time, the long war. Of 1,454 names on the rolls since its enrollment, there were 270 in this last fight, led by Stansel, and under the command of General Gordon. Capt. Robert H. McCord died in the service; Capt. B. A. Hudgins was wounded, and Lieuts. J. T. Hardaway and N. B. Lenderman were killed, at Murfreesboro. Capt. L. M. Clements was wounded, and Lieut. A. Hawkins and Sergt.-Maj. Ira Tarrant were killed, at Chickamauga; Capt. H. M. Bell was wounded at Hatcher’s Run.

The field officers were Cols. Henry Talbird and M. L. Stansel, wounded at Murfreesboro, and since distinguished in the political history of Alabama and at the bar; Lieut.-Cols. J. T. Murfee and T. G. Trimmier, who laid down his life at White Oak road; and Majs. Jesse G. Nash and L. D. Hudgins, the latter killed at Petersburg.


Vol. XVI, Part 2—(717) Forty-first regiment at Tuscaloosa, 1,250 strong; ordered to Chattanooga, July 2, 1862. (762, 781, 789) Guarding bridge over Hiawassee, by order of General Bragg, August. Colonel Howard authorized to call on commander for assistance to enforce orders. (800) Three companies relieved from duty at Hiawassee and ordered to join regiment, September 7th. (835) Ordered to Kentucky, September 16th.