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May 25th, loss 3 killed, 9 wounded. "I commenced the campaign May 7th with 416 effective men; at present (May 31st) I number 326 effective men. Total, 17 killed, 60 wounded, 3 missing." Conduct of officers and men commended highly.

No. 75—(481) Mentioned in General Sherman's communication, dated Big Shanty, Ga., June 15, 1864. (For other extracts, see those in connection with the Thirty-seventh Alabama, brigade organization remaining the same.)

No. 100—(734) Same assignment, March 31, 1865, army near Smithfield; Capt. Thomas M. Bronson commanding regiment.


The Forty-first regiment, 1,250 strong, was organized in May, 1862; was ordered from Tuscaloosa to Chattanooga; was in Middle Tennessee for some months, doing guard duty principally; was sent to Kentucky in September, brigaded under General Hanson, being the only Alabama troops in his Kentucky brigade. Under its gallant and brave Colonel Stansel, who shared its vicissitudes from the beginning until the close, it fought valiantly at Murfreesboro, December 31st to January 2d, where two of its finest lieutenants were killed, as was its brigade commander, General Hanson. Gen. Marcus Wright and Colonel Hunt, successively, commanded the Kentucky brigade, but in May, 1863, it was assigned to General Helm, and moved to Tullahoma in Breckinridge's army. The regiment was engaged in the operations for the relief of Vicksburg, and in the trenches at Jackson through the long, weary summer of 1863. Rejoining the army of Tennessee, the regiment immortalized itself at Chickamauga, September 19 and 20, 1863. Of the 325 men who went into battle, 147 were killed and wounded, several of them officers. Again it lost its brigade commander, General Helm being killed in this battle. In November, we find the regiment brigaded with the Forty-third Alabama and the First, Second, Third and Fourth battalions,