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No. 87—(909) Mentioned by Gen. B. R. Johnson, Petersburg, Va., November 6, 1864: "Three companies moved out and took the enemy's picket line in front of Gracie's salient, capturing 31 prisoners without firing a gun or losing a man."

No. 88, No. 89—Various returns, 1864, in Gracie's brigade, Longstreet's corps, Lee's army.

No. 95—(1287, 1288) Mentioned in report of Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson; operations from March 28 to April 9, 1865. March 30th, brigade commanded by Colonel Stansel at White Oak road. (1300) Brigade mentioned in Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's report as being at Hatcher's Run, March 31, 1865.


The Forty-second Alabama, organized at Columbus, Miss., in May, 1862, was principally a reorganization of other regiments whose one year's service was completed. Lieutenant-Colonel Lanier, Maj. W. C. Fergus and Capt. George W. Foster were all from the Second Alabama, so that the regiment was immediately effective for the hard work before it. In September it was with the Thirty-seventh Alabama and Seventh Mississippi regiments in Maury's division of the army of the West. The next month it went into the siege of Corinth with 700 men, losing, killed and wounded, 348; of these, 11 were officers. The winter of 1862-63 was spent in Mississippi and the brigade was reorganized. It formed part of the garrison at Vicksburg, where it lost heavily and was captured. From the parole camp at Demopolis, it went to join the army of Tennessee, and served in the battle of Lookout Mountain, November 24, 1863, and at Missionary Ridge, November 25th, where it fought with its usual gallantry. Wintering around Dalton, it took part in the defense of that place, February 28, 1864, and in the campaign from there to Atlanta. March 19th, Gen. Alpheus Baker took command of the brigade, which now consisted of the Thirty-seventh, Fortieth, Forty-second and Fifty-fourth Alabama. It fought at Resaca, May 14th and 15th; at