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New Hope church, May 25th; at Atlanta, July 25th to 28th. The losses on the 28th were very heavy. It was sent to Spanish Fort in August, where it formed a part of the garrison until January, when it was returned to the army of Tennessee. Its subsequent history is identical with that of the rest of the brigade. After April 1st, it was consolidated with the Thirty-seventh and Fifty-fourth, Capt. William D. McNeill, lieutenant-colonel, and surrendered with the army of Tennessee. Capts. George W. Foster and Allen B. Knox were killed, and Capt. John W. Haley mortally wounded, at Corinth. Capt. Robert Best died in the service. Capt. Robert K. Wills was killed at Atlanta, and Lieut. Capers W. Bodie at Vicksburg.

The field officers were Col. John W. Portis, who was wounded at Corinth; Col. T. C. Lanier, wounded at Corinth and at New Hope, and Maj. W. C. Fergus. Capt. W. D. McNeill was made lieutenant-colonel after consolidation.


Vol. XVII, Part 1—(375) Moore's brigade, Maury's division, army of Tennessee, General Van Dorn, October, 1862. (383) Casualties, battle of Corinth, October 3d to 5th, 11 officers wounded. (397-400) Report of Gen. John C. Moore of engagements at Corinth and at Hatchie bridge, October 5th, mentions Forty-second Alabama, Col. John W. Portis, belonging to brigade. Regiment "subjected to heavy fire on the 3d, though their loss in killed and wounded was but 8 or 10, including 1 officer. Corp. J. A. Going, color-bearer of the Forty-second, deserves particular notice. Though shot down once, he gallantly bore the flag through the fight on the 4th."

No. 37—(327) Moore's brigade, army of Vicksburg, General Pemberton. (329) Lieut. Capers W. Bodie killed during the siege of Vicksburg. (362) Mentioned by General Forney, May 24, 1863. (369) Casualties, 8 killed and 19 wounded, May 17 to July 4, 1863, siege of Vicksburg. (381-383) Highly commended in General Moore's report of siege. (383) Lieut.-Col. Thomas C. Lanier coincides with other regimental leaders that the men are not able