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to make a successful evacuation. (385) Mentioned in Col. Ashbel Smith's report as "a gallant regiment."

No. 38—(721) Mentioned by Col. C. A. Fuller, April 7, 1863: "At Yazoo City a Columbiad is manned by 2 officers and 20 men of the Forty-second Alabama, who have had considerable experience at Fort Morgan." (1060) In Moore's brigade, Forney’s division, parole camp, August 29, 1863.

No. 55—(266) Mentioned in report of taking of Missionary Ridge, by Colonel Nodine (Union), November 27, 1863. (691) Return of casualties at Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, November 24th and 25th, 2 killed, 7 wounded. (704-706) Report of General Moore of same battles; Lieutenant-Colonel Lanier commanding regiment.

No. 56—(803, 822, 884) Moore's brigade, Cheatham's division, army of Tennessee; Lieut.-Col. Thomas C. Lanier commanding regiment. Total present, 311, December 14, 1863.

No. 57—(481) Mentioned in Colonel Higley's report of operations, February 23 to 27, 1864, at Dalton.

No. 74—(664) Assignment as above, July, 1864; Capt. W. B. Kendrick commanding regiment. (672) Assignment as above, August, 1864; Capt. William D. McNeill. (851,852) Report of Capt. W. D. McNeill of operations, May 7 to 13, 1864, says: "Sergeant Richey saved the colors of a Georgia regiment. We went into battle with 300 on the 15th (Resaca); 5 officers and 32 men wounded, 2 killed. Rev. J. P. McMillan, a missionary for the brigade, was killed. T.C. Mitchell and Capt. G. H. Gray were severely wounded. Total loss of regiment, 59."

No. 98—(1064) Consolidated with the Thirty-seventh and Fifty-fourth Alabama, after April 9, 1865. (For other extracts, see those in connection with the Thirty-seventh Alabama, brigade organization remaining the same.)

No. 100—(734) Same assignment, March 31, 1865; Capt. William D. McNeill commanding regiment.


The Forty-third was organized at Mobile in May, 1862, and went without delay directly to Chattanooga, where it was brigaded under General Leadbetter. Its colonel, Archibald Gracie, Jr., soon displayed his ability and was