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a fight at Spring Hill on the evening before. It was in the battle at Nashville, December 15th and 16th. Consolidated with the Sixteenth and Thirty-third Alabama, under Colonel Abercrombie, transferred from Lowrey's to Shelley's brigade, it proceeded to North Carolina. At the time of the surrender, the remnant of the regiment had been consolidated with remnants of the First, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Twenty-ninth and Thirty-third, still under Colonel Abercrombie, in Stewart's corps of Johnston's army.

Captains Perry and Torbert were wounded at Chickamauga, Clements at Murfreesboro, Jackson at Atlanta; Captains Gaffney killed at Perryville, John R. Carson at Franklin, Thomas Smith at Atlanta. Captain Lampley was promoted and became colonel; Capts. Geo. C. Freeman and James Jackson were also promoted.

The field officers were Cols. W. A. Goodwin, James C. Gilchrist, E. B. Breedlove, wounded at Murfreesboro, all of whom resigned; Harris D. Lampley, killed at Atlanta, and R. H. Abercrombie, wounded at Franklin; Lieut.-Col. James Jackson and Maj. George C. Freeman, wounded at Atlanta.


Vol. X, Part 1—(787) Reichard’s brigade, Second corps, June 30, 1862; Bragg's army of Mississippi.

Vol. XX, Part 1—(659) Walthall's brigade (Gen. Patton Anderson), Withers' division, Polk’s corps, army of Tennessee. (677) Casualties, Murfreesboro, December 31, 1862, 13 killed, 71 wounded. (695, 762-767) Mentioned in General Anderson's letter and report. (899) Mentioned in Gen. S. A. M. Wood's report.

Vol. XX, Part 2—(420) Powell's brigade, Anderson's division, Hardee's corps, November 22, 1862. (448) Transferred to Polk's corps, December 12th.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(942) Wood's brigade (Colonel Lowrey), Hill's corps, July 31, 1863; Col. E. B. Breedlove commanding regiment.

No. 51—(159-162) Mentioned in Gen. S. A. M. Wood's