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report of battle of Chickamauga, September 19 and 20, 1863, and in Capt. F. A. Ashford's report. (167-169) Report of Col. E. B. Breedlove, 22 killed, 95 wounded; officers and men behaved gallantly. (169-171, 174) Mentioned in reports of Col. M. P. Lowrey and Lieut. R. W. Goldthwaite.

No. 55—(755) Mentioned in Gen. P. R. Cleburne's report, battle at Ringgold gap. (758) Thanks of Congress to General Cleburne and troops under his command at Ringgold gap, November 27, 1863. (769-771) Mentioned in reports of General Lowrey, Col. Sam Adams, Lieut.-Col. H. D. Lampley; 1 killed, 8 wounded.

No. 56—(618, 823) Assignment as above, to December, 1863; Lieut.-Col. H. D. Lampley commanding regiment, December 14, 1863; total present, 366.

No. 74—(583) Mentioned in Gen. G. A. Smith's (Union) report of engagement of July 22, 1864. (595) Col. William Hall's (Union) report of same engagement mentions death of color-bearer. (606) Mentioned in Col. W. W. Belknap's (Union) report of action of July 22, 1864, in which he says: "The enemy fought bravely and obstinately, and many of them were shot down, fighting at the muzzles of our guns." Again, he says: "Our loss was heavy" (viz: 131 out of 380 in line). (639-669) Assignments as above. (662) Lieut.-Col. Robert H. Abercrombie commanding regiment, July 31st. (731-733) Mentioned in Gen. M. P. Lowrey's report of engagement of July 22, 1864, in which he says the gallant Colonel Lampley was wounded and captured, leading the charge, and Maj. George C. Freeman twice wounded, and captured. The loss of this regiment was 27 killed, 72 wounded.

No. 93—(667) Assignment as above, December 10, 1864; Sixteenth, Thirty-third and Forty-fifth, under Lieutenant-Colonel Abercrombie. (685) Battle of Franklin, Tenn., November 30, 1864; Lieutenant-Colonel Abercrombie wounded.

No. 100—(773) Transferred from Lowrey's to Shelley's brigade, April 9, 1865, with Sixteenth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-ninth and Thirty-third Alabama; general orders, No. 13, General Johnston.


The Forty-sixth regiment was organized at Loachapoka in May, 1862, and went immediately to East Tennessee,