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W. A. Sanford was wounded at Bean's Station. Lieut.-Col. Daniel S. Troy, who succeeded in command, was wounded at Drewry's, and was again wounded and captured at Hatcher's Run while gallantly bearing the colors of the Fifty-ninth Alabama in front of the charge of the two regiments. Major Hatch was killed, and Capts. S. A. Williams, John W. Smith and G. A. Tarbutton were wounded, at White Oak road; and Capt. David A. Clark died of wounds received at Appomattox.


No. 54–(535, 536) Mentioned in report of Gen. Bushrod Johnson, engagement at Bean's Station, December 14, 1863.

No. 58—(642) Gracie's brigade, Gen. B. R. Johnson's troops, January 31, 1864.

No. 59—(722, 802) March and April, 1864, in Gracie's brigade, Bushrod R. Johnson's corps.

No. 68—(207) May 5 to 10, 1864, in Gracie's brigade, General Beauregard's forces near Richmond and Petersburg.

No. 69—(861) May 31, 1864, 342 present for duty. Gracie's brigade, Ransom's division. (902) June 22d, ordered to report to Gen. G. W. C. Lee, and placed at New Market hill.

No. 81—(670, 671) June 20, 1864, Gen. R. S. Ewell, Richmond, Va.; 342 men. (674) June 21st, ordered to hold New Market, Gen. G. W. C. Lee. (679) January 22d, ordered to report to Gen. Wade Hampton at Bottom's Bridge.

No. 82—(748) July 7, 1864, in Gracie's brigade, relieved by General Beauregard at New Market hill.

No. 88—(1065, 1066, 1213, 1227, 1311) Mentioned in Gracie's brigade, Johnson's division, commanded by Gen. G. T. Beauregard. (1238) September 8, 1864, ordered to report to General Hampton, by General Ewell.

No. 89—(198) Octuber 13, 1864, regiment reported between Burnside mine and City Point railroad.—Letter of John C. Babcock (Union). (508) November 4th, mentioned as near Burnside mine. (893) December 9th, regiment reported as under marching orders. (1190, 1242, 1368) To December 31st, in Gracie's brigade, Bushrod R. Johnson's division.