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gade, Loring's division, May 30, 1863. (1040) Adams' brigade, Loring's division, July 30, 1863.

No. 42–(130) General Maury says battalion was detached from garrison of Mobile and sent to General Bragg, April, 1863.

No. 53, No. 56, No. 57, No. 58—In Adams' brigade, Loring's division, to January, 1864.

No. 59—(604, 659) Assignment as above, March, 1864. (672) Transferred to army of Northern Virginia, Gen. Joe Davis' brigade, March 24, 1864. (674) Ordered to report to General Lee for assignment to Gen. J. R. Davis' brigade, March 25, 1864. (676) Lieutenant-Colonel Forney ordered to rejoin his command at Cahaba, Ala., and proceed with it to the army of Northern Virginia, for assignment.

No. 60—(954) Col. George H. Sharpe (Union) says battalion has been added to Joe Davis' brigade, April 23, 1864.

No. 67—(1101) Private A. J. Sizemore, Company A, killed in battle of Bethesda Church; on roll of honor.

No. 69–(850) Company A, doing provost guard duty in Atlanta, ordered to join command in Lee's army, northern Virginia, May 30, 1864.

No. 80—(812) Roll of honor, battle of Weldon Railroad: Sergt. A. Hembree, Company A; Sergt. A. D. Stoude, Company B; Private John Dunnigan, Company D; Sergt. J. Maddon, Company F; Private John McNamara Company I. (813) Roll of honor, miscellaneous engagements: Corp. B. J. Hugan, Company B, Corinth, Port Hudson, Grand Gulf, Baker's Creek, Wilderness; Private John Kelly, Company C, Fort Pillow, Corinth, Grand Gulf, Port Hudson; Sergt. Adolph W. Leslie, Company E, Fort Pillow, Corinth, Port Hudson, Baker's Creek, Jackson, Wilderness, Spottsylvania Court House (killed in latter engagement); Private Patrick Finegan, Company F, Corinth, Port Hudson, Grand Gulf, Baker's Creek, Wilderness, Spottsylvania Court House, Bethesda Church; Private Mitchell Smith, Company I, Fort Pillow, Corinth, Port Hudson, Grand Gulf, Baker's Creek, Jackson, Wilderness, Spottsylvania Court House, Liberty Mills, Cold Harbor.

No. 88—(1218) Capt. J. M. Johnson, Davis' brigade, Heth's division, August 31, 1864. (1309) Lieut.-Col. Francis B. McClung, September 30, 1864.