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Allen and James Hagan, being in advance. . . . In closing this report, I cannot speak in too great praise of the gallantry of the officers and men of the First and Third Alabama regiments, who were always ready to meet the enemy at any moment, performed all duties assigned them, and endured all hardships and privations without a murmur or complaint. The confidence I naturally placed in such noble officers and men caused me to call upon them, perhaps too frequently, for posts of danger and hardships, yet, never did they intimate that their details were more frequent than other commands, but with the greatest cheerfulness right bravely performed their double task thus imposed, simply because their commander placed in them unshaken and implicit trust and confidence. To the brave officers and men of these regiments and their gallant leaders, Colonels Allen and Hagan, I tender my warmest thanks."

Vol. XVI, Part 2—(781) August 26, 1862, Colonel Allen's regiment assigned to Wheeler's brigade, left wing of army of Mississippi, and will report to General Hardee. (124) At Danville, July 8th. (804) Ordered to join General Polk in Tennessee, September 9th.(809) Mentioned by Adjutant-General Williamson, Tompkinsville, Ky., September 10th; ordered on picket duty on Scottsville road. (824) With Col. W. W. Allen, commanded by Gen. N. B. Forrest, assigned to the right wing, army of Mississippi, to report to General Polk, September 14th. (832) Assigned to temporary duty with left wing by order of General Bragg, Glasgow, Ky., September 15th. (843) Transferred to left wing to report to General Hardee, September 18th. (879) Held in readiness for immediate and rapid march, by order of General Wheeler, New Haven, Ky., September 26th. (891) Mentioned by Adjutant-General Poole, Bardstown, Ky., September 30th.

Vol. XVII, Part 1—(5-7) Mentioned in report of Colonel Lay; joined by a detachment of Colonel Clanton's regiment, June 15, 1862.

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(63-66) Mentioned by Col. P. H. Sheridan and General Rosecrans, 800 strong, July 2, 1862.

Vol. XX, Part 1—(19) Murfreesboro, November 27, 1862, General Bragg desires General Wheeler to express to the First Alabama his appreciation of their gallant