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conduct, which was not unexpected, and which was spoken of in Wheeler's report. (82) A detachment of cavalry of the First Alabama regiment attacked and captured all the cavalry outposts of the enemy and immediately returned to the Confederate lines.—Report of Gen. H. P. Van Cleve, U. S. army near Nashville, December 25th.(630) Mentioned in Federal report of skirmish at Stewart's Creek bridge, December 27th. (661) Colonel Allen commanding, in Wheeler's brigade, army of Tennessee, Stone's river campaign. (958-960) Mentioned in report of General Wheeler, chief of cavalry, as stationed at Stewart's creek, December 26th. Colonel Allen was wounded while fighting gallantly; Lieut. E. S. Ledyard also wounded in engagements incident to battle of Murfreesboro.

Vol. XXII, Part 1—(135-137) Mentioned in skirmishes near Christiana, Tenn., March, 1863. (336, 340, 343, 346) Mentioned in Federal reports, near Murfreesboro, Middleton and Fosterville.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(677, 847) Mentioned by Colonel Prather and Gen. W. T. Martin. (943) In Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, Bragg's army, July 31, 1863. (960) Commanded by Maj. A. H. Johnson, in Morgan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, August 10th.

No. 40—(738) Asked for by General Lee, April 20, 1863. (741) April 21st, Gen. S. Cooper says he thinks regiment will be sent to General Lee.

No. 42—(554) Governor Watts writes to General Polk that General Clanton "as the commander of the First Alabama, gained the most enviable fame as a gallant, dashing officer, before, after and at the battle of Shiloh." Senator R. W. Walker concurs as to character of General Clanton. (556) Mentioned by General Clanton in letter to General Polk, May 9, 1863.

No. 45—(886) Mentioned by General Lee, June 13, 1863.

No. 50—(232) In Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, October 7, 1863.

No. 51—(19) Commanded by Lieut.-Col. D. T. Blakey, in Morgan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, Chickamauga campaign.

No. 52—(332) With General Wheeler, September 3, 1863, on the road to Trenton. (449) Gen. James S. Negley (Union) reports from Fowler's farm, September