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8th, that this regiment is with General Wheeler, near Lafayette.

No. 53—(500) In Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, August 15, 1863.

No. 54—(453) In Morgan's brigade, with General Longstreet, November, 1863.

No. 56—(619) In General Martin's division, Wheeler's corps, Bragg's army, October 31, 1863. (891) In Russell's brigade, Longstreet's army, December 31st.

No. 58—(634) Mentioned by General Longstreet, January 30, 1864. (642) Commanded by Col. W. W. Allen, in Russell's brigade, Longstreet's army, January 31st.

No. 59—(870) Commanded by Maj. A. H. Johnson, in Morgan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, April 30th.

No. 73—(819, 820, 822) Mentioned by Colonel Minty (Union), near Marietta, Ga., June 11, 1864; at Noonday Creek, June 21st.

No. 74—(642, et seq.) In Morgan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, April 30, 1864; in Allen's brigade, June to August. (962) Report of Col. D. T. Blakey, of the First Alabama cavalry, operations August 31, 1864.

No. 75—(436) Doing picket duty at Big Shanty, statement of A. B. Thornton, scout, June 8, 1864.

No. 78—(588) Letter from General Clanton to General Polk, May 9, 1864. (856) In Allen's brigade, Wheeler's corps, September 20th.

No. 99—(352) Mentioned by General Kilpatrick (Union), Williston, S. C., February 8, 1865. (1071) Col. David T. Blakey, Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, January 31st. (1275) Detachment under Capt. B. Kavanaugh ordered to move toward Jones' Ferry and thence toward Unionville, S. C., February 25th, by order of General Stewart.


The Second Alabama cavalry was organized at Montgomery in May, 1862; was in north Alabama for a short time and was then sent to Florida, where it was employed for a time; sent to Jackson, Miss., in April, 1863, and fought Grierson; was employed in Mississippi until October of that year, when it was sent to northern Alabama and Tennessee. It was in Chalmers' brigade continu-