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No. 74—(646, 654, 660, 666) Under Lieut.-Col. John N. Carpenter, June 10, 1864; in Ferguson's brigade, army of Mississippi. July 31st, Ferguson's brigade, army of Tennessee.

No. 78—(857) September 20, 1864, In Ferguson's brigade, army of Tennessee.

No. 99—(1072) January 31, 1865, in Ferguson's brigade, Iverson's division, Wheeler's corps, department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida; General Hardee commanding.


The Third Alabama cavalry was organized at Tupelo, June, 1862, and was formed of companies which had already seen hard service, some of them, as Murphy's battalion, at Shiloh. It was brigaded at various times under Generals Hagan, Morgan, Russell and Allen. It accompanied the army of Tennessee into Kentucky, where it was engaged in continual and arduous duty, protecting the flank and rear, watching communications, and raiding upon the enemy. It was engaged at Perryville, Murfreesboro, Shelbyville, Kingston and Knoxville. This regiment took a brilliant part in the famous Sequatchee raid. In the Dalton-Atlanta campaign it was continuously engaged in protecting Hood's movements and harassing Sherman's troops. It fought at Decatur, Ga., and assisted in the capture of Stoneman's column. It also took part in the fights about Macon, Aiken, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, finally surrendering in North Carolina. Its first colonel, James Hagan, was several times wounded, and was promoted to the rank of brigadier-general. Captain Robins, who afterward became colonel, was wounded near Fayetteville. Capt. T. H. Mauldin commanded the regiment for a long time; finally resigned with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. Capt. J. D. Farish, who was wounded several times, also rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. Capt. William Cathy was killed at Perryville, Capt. Thomas