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Norris at Chapel Hill, and Capt. Thomas Lenoir at Resaca. Capt. Augustus Tomlinson died in the service.


Vol. X, Part 1—(468, 469) General Bragg's report, Shiloh, says: "It would be a pleasing duty to record the deeds of many other noble soldiers, but as subordinate officers have done so in their reports, a repetition is unnecessary. I shall be pardoned for making an exception in the case of Capt. R. W. Smith, commanding a company of Alabama cavalry (Third regiment), which served as my personal escort during the action. For personal gallantry and intelligent execution of orders, frequently under the heaviest fire, his example has rarely been equaled. To him, his officers and his men, I feel a deep personal, as well as official, obligation." (531) Report of Capt. A. Tomlinson, Shiloh, says: "Entered the engagement with 57 men. Private McCurdy was shot in the right hand and Corp. W. D. King was wounded in the right arm." Report of Capt. J. Robins says: "Total number of men engaged, 73. My men behaved well, and were willing and ready to obey any order that was given them." These companies belonged to Third cavalry. (855) In Farish's company (Third cavalry), in affair on Monterey road, May 28th and 29th, one wounded; Col. Joseph Wheeler commanding.

Vol. XVI, Part 1—(894-897) Commended in Gen. Jos. Wheeler's report, Kentucky campaign. October 8, 1862, one of the most brilliant charges of the campaign was made in column: "Detachments of the First and Third Alabama cavalry, with the gallant Cols. W. W. Allen and James Hagan, being in advance, throwing the enemy's entire force of cavalry into confusion and putting it to flight. We pursued them at full charge for two miles, capturing many prisoners and horses in single combat, and driving the remaining under cover of their masses of infantry. The enemy also fled, terror-stricken, from a battery placed in advance of their general line and left it at our disposal." (899) Highly commended by General Wheeler. (See notes to First Alabama cavalry.)

Vol. XVI, Part 2—(787) In camp about five miles from Chattanooga. From communication of Gen. Sam Jones, Chattanooga, August 29, 1862. (790) Ordered to Sparta