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by letters from Lieut.-Col. G. G. Garner, August 29th and 30th.(843) Assigned to left wing of army of Mississippi, by command of General Bragg, September 18th. (844) Ordered by General Hardee to move forward, in direction of Cave City, and feel the enemy, September 18th. (879) Ordered by Col. Joseph Wheeler to be ready to march in one hour, New Haven, Ky., September 26th.

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(663) Mentioned in Gen. Sterling Price's communication, dated Tupelo, Miss., August 4, 1862, in which he states that Colonel Wheeler's command will arrive the following day, when Hagan's regiment will leave at once, en route for Chattanooga. (666) In communication to General Bragg, August 4th, Gen. Sterling Price asks that Hagan's and Wade's cavalry remain at Tupelo, Miss. He says: "I shall move forward immediately, and need more cavalry."

Vol. XX, Part 1—(16) Mentioned in Gen. J. W. Sill's (Union) report, November 26 and 27, 1862, of reconnaissance to La Vergne, Tenn., and skirmish. (642) Mentioned in Lieutenant-Colonel Murray's (Union) report of skirmishes at Franklin, December 26th and 27th, and Overall's creek, December 31st. (661) In Wheeler's brigade; Maj. F. Y. Gaines. (958) Mentioned in General Wheeler's report, December 26th. (961) Report of Capt. T. H. Mauldin, commanding, of skirmishes from December 26, 1862, to January 5, 1863, during which time the regiment lost in killed, wounded and missing, 25 men, including 3 lieutenants. (962) Capt. T. H. Mauldin recommends for promotion, for their gallantry in rallying the regiment and assisting in bringing it out in order from under a galling fire from the enemy's infantry and cavalry combined, on December 31st, Sergt.-Maj. H. M. Cooper and Sergt. J. W. Norwood, of Company A.

Vol. XX, Part 2—(432) In army of Tennessee, in Polk's corps, about November 29, 1862, Company G, Capt. D. P. Forney, not brigaded; Withers' division. (448) Special orders: "Captain Forney's company, serving at Withers' division headquarters, will report at once to Brigadier-General Wheeler at La Vergne, by command of General Bragg, December 12th."

Vol. XXIII, Part 1—(140) Mentioned in report of Acting Asst. Adjt.-Gen. R. R. Gaines, March 6, 1863.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(456) Gen. A. McD. McCook's (Union) communication, headquarters Twentieth army