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corps, June 25, 1863, says: "Until the last ten days, a regiment of cavalry (Third Alabama) have been doing all the picket duty in this front." (943) In Hagan's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps, July 31st. (960) In Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps, August 10th.

No. 51–(19) Assignment as above, September 19 and 20, 1863. (71) Mentioned in extract of notes of Chickamauga campaign, Lieut. W. B. Richmond, September 9th. Mauldin with 75 men at Point Lookout; 3 killed, 10 wounded. Mouth of McLemore's cove covered by Mauldin's men.

No. 52—(332) Mentioned in Gen. Robert B. Mitchell's (Union) communication, dated September 3, 1863, Martin's division, Wheeler's cavalry. (449) Mentioned in Gen. J. S. Negley's communication, dated September 8, 1863, as near Lafayette.

No. 53—(500) In Hagan's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps, August 15, 1863.

No. 54—(453) Commanded by Lieut.-Col. T. H. Mauldin, Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, November 30, 1863. (546) Conspicuous for gallantry in engagement at Russellville, December 10th.—From Gen. W. T. Martin's report of the Knoxville, Tenn., campaign.

No. 56—(891) In Russell's brigade, Morgan's division, Martin's cavalry, Longstreet's force, December 31, 1863.

No. 58—(353) Mentioned, February 7, 1864, in Gen. George H. Thomas' (Union) report, dated Chattanooga, February 8, 1864.

No. 59—(870) In Morgan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, army of Tennessee, commanded by Gen. J. E. Johnston, April 30, 1864.

No. 73—(819-822) Mentioned by Colonel Minty, relative to movements in vicinity of Marietta, Ga., June, 1864.

No. 74—(650, et seq.) Assignments in Atlanta campaign. Col. James Hagan commanding, in Allen's brigade, Wheeler's corps, Johnston's army. (950) In General Wheeler's communication addressed to "Soldiers of the Cavalry Corps,” dated June 18, 1864, he says: "The Third Alabama regiment, Colonel Mauldin, having been detached, dashed into Calhoun, defeated the enemy and destroyed a large, heavily-laden train of cars. A detachment also destroyed another large train a short distance north of the town."