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No. 99—(1071) In Hagan's brigade, Allen's division, Wheeler's corps, department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, Gen. W. J. Hardee, January 31, 1865. (1314) Mentioned as having been sent over to Rocky river road, under Lieutenant-Colonel Robins, March 1st. (1418) Mentioned as having gone on the Smithfield road, March 17th.

Captain Lenoir's company, Alabama cavalry: Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(945) Mentioned, Atlanta, Ga., July 31, 1863, acting as escort, Polk's corps. (958) Lieut. W. J. Lee, escort in Bragg's army, August 10th. No. 51—(15) Capt. T. M. Lenoir, escort General Longstreet, Chickamauga campaign. Nos. 56, 58, 59, 74—(889) Mentioned as escort, Hindman's division, December, 1863, to June, 1864.

Col S. J. Murphy's battalion, Alabama cavalry, composed of Alabama and Florida companies: No. 42—(130, 131) Total present, 223, August 1, 1863, in Clanton's brigade, with General Maury. (157) Detachment, Mobile, August 10th, at Hall's mill and Pascagoula. No. 78—(814) Battalion Alabama cadets, under General Gardner, September 3, 1863.


Russell's Fourth Alabama cavalry was organized at Murfreesboro, Tenn., in December, 1862, by the union of General Forrest's original battalion with six companies of the Fourth Alabama battalion and the Russell Rangers, or Fifteenth battalion Tennessee cavalry. It was in the attack on Fort Donelson and was attached, consecutively, to Russell's and Morgan's brigades, serving in the cavalry of the army of Tennessee. It was warmly engaged at Chickamauga, and bore a full share in the operations of Longstreet's campaign in east Tennessee. It took a brilliant part in the Sequatchie raid with four other Alabama regiments of cavalry; was in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign and assisted in the capture of Stoneman's column. When Hood moved into Tennessee, the Fourth was employed for some time in the Tennessee valley. After the battle of Nashville it was assigned to