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badly wounded. Adjt. O. P. Casey and Captain Weaver were killed at Bentonville; Captain Musgrove was killed at Fayetteville, and Maj. A. J. Ingraham was disabled by a wound.


Twelfth Battalion, Alabama cavalry, Col. Warren S. Reese: No. 74—(650-673) In Allen's brigade, Wheeler's corps, June to August, 1864, Atlanta campaign. No. 78—(856) Assignment as above, September 20th.

Twelfth Regiment, Alabama cavalry: No. 92—(988) December 25, 1864, Col. Marcellus Pointer commanding, reported to Gen. R. H. Anderson, near Savannah, Ga. No. 99—(352) General Kilpatrick (Union) says Twelfth Alabama fought in battle, February 8, 1865, near Williston, S. C. (1071) In Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, January 31, 1865.


The Fifty-first Alabama cavalry regiment, known as Partisan Rangers, was recruited by Col. John T. Morgan, who had entered the war as a major of infantry, served for a time in Virginia, and returned home to raise a mounted regiment. It was sent to Alabama, served for a time in Tennessee, fought at Lavergne with General Forrest; was then attached to Wheeler's cavalry, and was brigaded under Morgan, Hagan and Allen. It took part in the Sequatchie raid, and was part of the force which captured 400 Federals at Maysville, and took part in the investment of Knoxville. It took a gallant part in the Stone's River and Chickamauga campaigns; was on Johnston's flank during the retreat to Dalton, fighting almost daily for three months, and lost heavily at Decatur and Jonesboro. It moved through Tennessee, and harassed General Sherman's forces very effectually in the Carolinas. About a week before the close of hostilities, it fought and captured a portion of the First Ala-