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The Fifty-sixth regiment of mounted infantry, known as Partisan Rangers, was organized in the summer of 1863, by the union of Hewlett's and Boyles' battalions of cavalry, both of which had done good service in the army of the Gulf as scouts and pickets, and had fought gallantly at King's Creek and other points in Mississippi. Attached to Ferguson's brigade, the regiment was sent to north Georgia and did arduous duty in the many battles of the Dalton-Atlanta campaign. After going with Hood into Tennessee, it turned and harassed Sherman on his march. It was in the trenches at Savannah and operated near Augusta, moved into the Carolinas and finally surrendered at Greensboro, 200 strong. Colonel Boyles was at one time in command of Ferguson's brigade, and Lieut.-Col. William Martin took command of the regiment. Capt. Wm. McGill was killed near Decatur, and Capt. Thomas D. Hall was wounded near Kingston.


Boyles' Mobile Dragoons: Vol. V—(868) Field return for March, 1862, 97 present for duty. Vol. XV—(850) October 31, 1862, in district of the Gulf, commanded by Maj.-Gen. J. H. Forney. No. 42—(39) June 8, 1863, in army of Mobile at Pascagoula.

Fifteenth battalion, Alabama cavalry, also called First battalion, merged into Fifty-sixth regiment, Partisan Rangers: No. 36—(689) Mentioned at Okolona, May 14, 1863, 350 strong, in report of General Ruggles, action at King's Creek, near Tupelo, Miss. No. 37—(483) Mentioned by Gen. Daniel Ruggles, in operations in north- eastern Mississippi, as Colonel Boyles' First Alabama. No. 38—(400) Mentioned by General Oglesby at Okolona, June 10, 1863. (837) General Ruggles, Okolona, May 5th, says: "Major Boyles' Alabama cavalry cannot be spared." (917) Mentioned at Okolona, May 24th (called the First). (973) Mentioned by General Ruggles, June 22d.

Thirteenth Battalion, merged into Fifty sixth regi-