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ment, Partisan Rangers: Vol. XVII, Part 2—(815) Maj. W. A. Hewlett's Partisan Rangers. Gen. J. C. Pemberton's command, December, 1862. (818) Col. John Adams says, battalion stationed at Buttahatchie bridge, twelve miles north of Columbus, on the Aberdeen road, January 1, 1863. (846) Special orders, No. 3, January 19th, to picket and scout in advance on Aberdeen road.

No. 36—(690) Commended by General Ruggles in report of action at King's Creek, May 5, 1863. (691-693) Maj. W. A. Hewlett in his report of King's Creek, commends gallant and meritorious conduct of Capt. J. R. Shepherd and Lieuts. Samuel P. Morrow and H. H. Bibb.

No. 38—(611) In Ruggles' brigade, Pemberton's army, January 31, 1863. (639) One hundred men ordered to report to Major Mathews at Fayetteville, Ala, February 22d. (643) General Johnston orders Major Hewlett's battalion to report to General Ruggles for duty near Aberdeen, February 24th. (655) Ordered by General Ruggles to be armed, etc., March 6th. (699) Battalion has been disabled by camp diseases; to be pushed forward to Smithville, etc., Columbus, Miss., March 31st. (706) In Ruggles' brigade, April. (718) Ordered to be in readiness for marching orders, April 6th, at Buttahatchie bridge. (796) Ordered from Aberdeen to Buena Vista, April 27th. (917) Thirteenth Alabama battalion in the vicinity of Okolona, Miss., May 24th. (973) Mentioned by General Ruggles. United with Colonel Boyles' regiment and some Tennessee regiments, May 15th.

Fifty-sixth Alabama cavalry, Col. William Boyles: No. 53—(5) Mentioned by Union scout as at New Albany, Miss., October 1, 1863. (559) Mentioned in General Ferguson's report of troops, Okolona, Miss., August 27th. (576) Mentioned by Gen. S. D. Lee, with General Ferguson, Morton, September 1st. (582) Mentioned, Morton, Miss., September 2d. (724) Ordered to move at once to vicinity of Cherry creek, by General Lee, October 2d.

Nos. 56, 57, 58, 59—In Ferguson's brigade, S. D. Lee's cavalry corps, November, 1863, to April, 1864.

No. 73—(756) Mentioned by Col. E. McCook (Union), Atlanta campaign. No. 74—(646, et seq.) In Ferguson's brigade, Jackson's division, Gen. L. Polk's army, Atlanta campaign. No. 75—(456) Mentioned by Colonel McCook (Union), June 11, 1864, as at Ackworth and Dallas.