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(918) Beauregard's confidential notes, March 4th, say that Robertson's cavalry is to remain at Henderson.

Vol. X, Part 2—(408) Col. W. C. Jackson asks for Robertson's cavalry to be sent to Trenton, Tenn., April 10, 1862.

Vol. XV—(19) General Van Dorn mentions cavalry escort under Lieutenant Bradley, Company A, in defenses of Vicksburg, 1862.

Vol. XVI, Part 1—(899) Commended in report of Gen. Joe Wheeler, Knoxville, October 30, 1862; Lieut.-Col. C. S. Robertson commanding.

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(835) Field returns, Wharton's cavalry, 156 effective, December 30, 1862.

Company A, Captain Bradley. Vol. XVII, Part 2—(661) Acting as cavalry escort, General Van Dorn's troops, July, 1862; 36 present. (814-847) Acting as cavalry escort for Colonel Jackson's corps, General Pemberton's troops, December, 1862; 29 present.

First Confederate regiment. Vol. XX,—(16) Reported as with Wheeler's cavalry at Lavergne, November 27, 1862. (329) Mentioned in Major Collins' (Union) report of advance on Murfreesboro. (661) Under Col. John T. Cox, Wharton's brigade, Wheeler's cavalry, December, 1862. (773) Hardee's report of battle of Murfreesboro says this regiment captured the Seventy-fifth Illinois regiment. Conduct highly commended. (966) General Wharton's report speaks of Cox's gallant charge and capture of prisoners. (969) Regiment again commended by General Wharton.

Vol. XX, Part 2—(446) Wharton's brigade, 136 effective total, two companies detached, December 10, 1862.

Vol. XXIII, Part 1—(537, 538) Mentioned in Union reports of Guy's Gap and Shelbyville, June, 1863.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(362) Gen. J. M. Brannan (Union) reports arrival of Cox's cavalry at Chapel Hill, May 25, 1863. (371) Mentioned as on picket duty near Shelbyville in letter to General Garfield, from Mrs. M. B. Lee, May 29th. (730) Mentioned in letter from General Wharton to General Wheeler, Unionville, March 30, 1863. (841) Attached to General Martin's brigade, May 18th. (943) Capt. C. H. Conner, Russell's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps, July. (944) Company A, Capt. John Bradley, escort in Armstrong's brigade, Forrest's division, July.