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No. 38—(592) Company A at headquarters at Grenada, Miss., January 20, 1863.

No. 51—(19) Russell's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps, Chickamauga campaign, September, 1863. No. 52—(332) Gen. R. B. Mitchell (Union) reports regiment on the road to Trenton, September 3, 1863, with Martin's division. (449) General Negley (Union) reports regiment near LaFayette, September 8, 1863.

No. 55—(663) Capt. C. H. Conner, in Wade's brigade, Kelly's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps, November, 1863. No. 56—(619) First brigade, Kelly's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps, October 31, 1863. (640) Ordered to move on to Spring Place, November 6th.

No. 58—(590) Hume's brigade, Kelly's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps, January, 1864.

No. 73—(819, 822) Mentioned in Colonel Minty's (Union) reports of skirmish at McAfee's, June 11, 1864, and Noonday Creek, June 21st.

No. 94—(751) Mentioned in General Forrest's orders from Corinth, January 1, 1865.


The Third Confederate cavalry, which entered the service under Col. J. R. Howard, included seven Alabama companies. It served during the greater part of the war in Wheeler's cavalry, and fought throughout the campaigns in Kentucky and Tennessee in numberless raids and skirmishes. It fought at Murfreesboro, Triune, Hoover's Gap, Chickamauga, Bridgeport, Trenton, McAfee's, Noonday Creek. After the resignation of Colonel Howard, the regiment was commanded, successively, by Col. W. N. Estes and Col. P. H. Rice. It was constantly in demand for picket duty and scouting, and was distinguished for gallantry and endurance. Colonel Estes was killed near Chattanooga, and Colonel Rice was wounded in Georgia. Lieut.-Col. John McCaskill and Capt. Dan Clayton were wounded, and Adjt. N. Rothbock was killed, at Murfreesboro.


Estes' Battalion, Alabama cavalry, Maj. W. N. Estes,