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merged into Third Confederate: Vol. X, Part 2—(573) In Leadbetter's brigade, Gen. E. Kirby Smith's army, May 31, 1862.

Third Confederate cavalry: Vol. XVI, Part 1—(889) General Maxey's report of fight near Graham's, August 30, 1862, mentions Captain Rice's company. (891) Highly commended by General Maxey. (1143) Report of Col. J. R. Howard of skirmishes near Mountain gap, October 14 to 16, 1862.

Vol. XVI, Part 2—(242) General McCook writes to General Buell that Howard's regiment is on road to Nashville, August 1, 1862. (267) "Howard has returned to Chattanooga," August 6th. (716) In Kirby Smith's forces, unattached. (743) Ordered to report to General Forrest, August 4th. (761) Ordered to remain near Chattanooga, August 17th, with General Maxey. (800) Ordered into Sequatchie valley, September 7th. (840) Gen. Sam Jones says he will send it, with Maxey's command, into Kentucky. (985) In Pegram's brigade, Heth's division, Gen. E. Kirby Smith's troops, October 31st.

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(835) Field return, with Wharton's brigade, 457 effective, December 30, 1862.

Vol. XX—(14) Report of Colonel Howard of skirmish near Tompkinsville, Ky., November 17, 1862; 4 killed, 3 wounded. (75) Mentioned in General Wharton's report, December 10th. (233) Mentioned in Union report of Stone's river, January 3, 1863. (667) Under Lieut. W.N. Estes, in Wharton's brigade, Wheeler's cavalry. (966) Mentioned in General Wharton's report of Murfreesboro.

Vol. XXIII, Part 1:—(162) Mentioned in Wharton's report of fight at Triune, March 21, 1863. (430, 454, 458) Mentioned in reports of General Thomas, General Reynolds and Col. John T. Wilder (Union), of fight near Hoover's Gap. (578) Mentioned by Lieutenant-Colonel Lamborn (Union) as falling back to Tullahoma, June 27th.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(739) Wharton says: "Third will camp at Fairfield," April 4, 1863. (740) Col. Baxter Smith says regiment, under Col. W. N. Estes, was at Jacksonburg, April 5th. (915) General Anderson reports bridge over Sequatchie, near Jasper, burned by detachment under Capt. P. H. Rice, July 19th. (943, 960) Harrison's brigade, Wharton's division, Wheeler's corps, July.