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No. 50—(232) Harrison's brigade, October 7, 1863. (468, 469) Captain Edmondson's company mentioned in Federal reports, at the Narrows, near Jasper, Tenn., August and September. (926) Mentioned in report of Eli Long, near Bridgeport, Ala, September 1st. (928) Report of Lieut.-Col. V. Cupp says, Estes, with 400 men, camped on road between Bridgeport and Trenton; speaks of skirmish, August 29th.

No. 51—(19) Harrison's brigade, Wharton's division, Wheeler's corps, Chickamauga campaign, September, 1863. (520) General Wheeler's report says Estes' regiment was picketing Tennessee river from Bridgeport to Guntersville, August 27th. No. 52—(232) Gen. J. M. Brannan (Union) reports a capture of some of Rice's cavalry; 4 killed near Battle creek, August 30, 1863. (257) General Wagner reports that regiment is patrolling river. (384) General Negley says Rice's cavalry, 300 strong, passed up valley, September 6th.

No. 53—(574) Mentioned in letter of Lieutenant-Colonel Mauldin, Trenton, Ga., August 31, 1863.

No. 56—(722) Col. H. B. Lyon reports Third, with 260 men, with him on way to Kingston, November 20, 1863. (807) Wade's brigade, Kelly's division, Wheeler's corps, December, 1863.

No. 58—(349) General Thomas (Union) says, scout reports four companies of Third Confederate cavalry in Cherokee county, February 7, 1864. (590) Hume's brigade, Kelly's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps, January 20th.

No. 73—(819, 822) Mentioned in Colonel Minty's report of skirmish at McAfee's, June 11th, and Noonday creek, June 21, 1864.

No. 74—(642) Col. P. H. Rice, Allen's brigade, Kelly's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps, April, 1864. (650) Lieut.-Col. John McCaskill, Anderson's brigade, Kelly's division, June. (652) Captain Billinglea's company, escort to Hindman's division. (658-673) Assignment as above, to August.

No. 75—(166) Mentioned in letter of Col. L. D. Watkins (Union), Wauhatchie, Tenn., May 13, 1864. No. 78—(856) Assignment as above, September 30th. No. 94—(127) Union scout reports regiment camping in Wills' valley, December 7, 1864, on their way to attack Whitesides.