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at Demopolis. Col. Henry Maury was disabled by a wound just before the close of the war. He was detained in Mobile, and the regiment was led at Claiborne by Lieutenant-Colonel Myers. Capt. John H. Marshall was wounded and captured at Mississippi City.


No. 58—(550) Mentioned in letter from Gen. D. B. Maury to General Polk, Mobile, January 12, 1864. (583) In Jenifer's brigade, General Maury's army, January 20th. (785) Maury's cavalry detached to different points in State and on coast, February 20th.

No. 59—(632, 633) Colonel Maury sent into Jones county to break up organized deserters who are destroying railroads, etc. Reports operations, March 12, 1864. (861) Reynolds' brigade, Maury's army, April 30, 1864.

No. 65—(399) General Asboth (Union) reports that Colonel Maury was attacked at Jackson bridge, Fla., and has returned to Fifteen Mile Station, May 25, 1864. (404, 405) Report of Capt. W. B. Amos, Company I, operations Yellow river, Fla., June 25th. (415) General Asboth reports Colonel Maury with 1,300 men on road to Pollard, July 23d. (418, 419) General Asboth says, Colonel Maury returned to Mobile, on July 24th, to protect city. (425) General Asboth reports three companies of Fifteenth at Pine Barren ridge, August 12th.

No. 66–(33, 56) General Asboth speaks of regiment as full, well mounted, well armed, under Colonel Maury and Lieutenant-Colonel Myers, near Pensacola, April, 1864. (89, 111, 165) Mentioned, further, by General Asboth. (257) General Asboth reports all of regiment ordered to Tensaw river, August 24th.

No. 78—(678) Col. Henry Maury, Patton's brigade, General Maury's army, June 30, 1864. (702) General Maury says regiment ordered to protect M. & O. railroad and Pascagoula, July 11th. (703) Five companies, 409 effective, ordered to Mobile, July. (751) Maury's regiment, 600 strong, has been sent to meet raid of enemy from Pensacola; army returns, August 3d. (814, 887) Liddell's brigade, Gardner's army, September, 1864.

No. 79—(875) Unattached in Maury's army, November 1, 1864.

No. 86—(425) Gen. J. Bailey (Union) says, six com-