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panies gone toward Milton, Fla., November 4, 1864; Colonel Maury's movements commented on. (675) Lieutenant Jackson (Union) reports regiment distributed as follows: "Three companies at Bluff Springs, three companies at Pollard, two companies at Milton, one company at Greenwood, one at Magnolia, with picket at Pine Barren ridge. Regiment numbers 700;" November 25th. (703) Same officer, November 28th, writes that on the 21st, five companies were at Greenwood, one company at Milton, three companies at Stockton, and Captain Bowen's company, 80 strong, doing picket duty at Pine Barrens. (911) Maj. F. W. Marston (Union) reports that Colonel Maury started about December 10th toward Pollard to meet reported advance of Federal forces; confronted and harassed General Davidson near Citronelle. Describes them as "poorly clad and scantily fed."

No. 92—(419) Mentioned in report of Lieutenant-Colonel Spurling (Union) of fight at Pine Barren creek, November 17, 1864.

No. 93—(788) Mentioned in report of Gen. J. W. Davidson (Union) West Pascagoula, December 13, 1864. (1233) McCulloch's brigade, General Taylor's army, November 20, 1864.

No. 94—(631) Mentioned in General Maury's orders, December 1, 1864. (633) In Liddell's division, Maury's army, December 1, 1864. (668) General Maury says regiment left Mobile, December 8, 1864; has ordered regiment to Leakesville, thence toward Bucatanna, etc.

No, 101—(601, 617) Capt. S. M. Eaton (Union) reports Maury's regiment "1,200 strong, composed of citizens of Mobile and vicinity, armed with miscellaneous weapons," on the Pascagoula road "facing and watching General Granger," January 21, 1865.

No. 103—(98, 137, 304, 305) Federal reports of attack on regiment at Claiborne, April 11, 1865. (636) Captain Eaton (Union) reports Maury’s cavalry in and about city of Mobile, 1,000 strong, February 2d. (831) Statement of Perry Ryales, Mobile, February 16th, "Maury's cavalry, 800, doing provost-guard duty." (833, 834) Mentioned at Pollard and Mobile. (1047) In Maury's command, General Maury's army, March 10, 1865.

No. 104—(60) Report that regiment is sent to Blakely, March 22, 1865. (163) General Bailey (Union) reports regiment close in his rear, March 31st. (226) Captain