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under the command of Capt. John W. Clark; commenced a brilliant career in Stevenson's brigade, and served, successively, in Rains', Vance's and Bate's brigades. It fought with the army of Tennessee at Tazewell, Murfreesboro, Hoover's Gap, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. It opened and closed the battle of Chickamauga, where it lost six men. It also lost heavily at Missionary Ridge. It was commended for gallant service in the Atlanta campaign, and in 1865 it was transferred to Mobile, where it assisted in the defense of the city.

Capt. McDonald Oliver, who commanded the battery most gallantly during the greater part of the war, was killed near Atlanta. Lieutenant McKenzie and Lieut. W. W. Woods were also distinguished by their able command of this battery at different times.


Vol. X, Part 2—(409) Mentioned by E. Kirby Smith, April 10, 1862. (573) In General Stevenson's brigade, with General Smith, May 31st.

Vol. XVI, Part 2—(698) At Knoxville, June 22, 1862. (715) Under Lieutenant McTyer, Stevenson's brigade, Gen. Kirby Smith, June 30th. (984) In Rains' brigade, Gen. Kirby Smith, October 31st.

Vol. XX, Part 2—(413) Under Capt. W. A. McTyer, in General Rains' brigade, east Tennessee, November 20, 1862. (492) January 10, 1863, present for duty, 138 men.

Vol. XXIII, Part 1—(603-606, 610) Mentioned in Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson's report, Hoover's Gap, and movements to vicinity of Chattanooga. (614) Mentioned and commended by Gen. Wm. B. Bate in his report of the battle of Hoover's Gap, June 24, 1863; two men killed.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(623-654) Return, 131 to 136 men, Shelbyville, Tenn., January to February, 1863. (655) In Vance's brigade, McCown's division, February 28th. (735) Bate's brigade, April 1st. (943) Bate's brigade, July.

No. 50—(231) In Bate's brigade, Stewart's division, Chattanooga, October 7, 1863.

No. 51—(16) Under Capt. McDonald Oliver, Stewart's division, at Chickamauga. (361-366) Mentioned in report